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US Sen. Graham, Democratic challenger Hutto disagree at South Carolina forum, but are polite

...a way to solve America's problems without at least talking to Democrats."Hutto said he is known at the South Carolina Statehouse as someone who can talk to Republicans and reach agreement on sticky issues, like how the state should handle...
SC governor to hold 1-on-1 meetings

...The South Carolina governor will hold constituent, one-on-one meetings for any and all discussions at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia Wednesday at 4 p.m.Anyone wishing to schedule a meeting should call (803) 734-1999 between...
11 arrested for blocking street at SC Statehouse

COLUMBIA - Eleven protesters who want South Carolina lawmakers to accept federal money to expand Medicaid got themselves arrested Tuesday as they blocked a road leading into the garage at the Statehouse.
Veterans rally at SC Statehouse to seek benefits

COLUMBIA - Dozens of South Carolina veterans gathered at the Statehouse on Wednesday to press lawmakers to boost benefits for those who served in the military and their families.
Slave dwelling project works toward preservation

...ago as part of a program for The History Channel on the dispute over the Confederate flag that flew over the South Carolina Statehouse from the 1960s until 2000.He returned to the slave dwelling project three years ago. Since then he has spread...
Nullification talk spreads to South Carolina Statehouse

The nullification proposals haven't gotten a lot of traction in the South Carolina Legislature. But they get a certain segment of Republican voters excited.
Top court lets street preachers speak out of black people were convicted of breach of peace after they marched peacefully on a sidewalk around the South Carolina Statehouse grounds to protest what they saw as discrimination against other blacks. The U.S. Supreme Court found that...
Officers begin arrests after Haley orders Occupy Columbia protesters to leave Statehouse grounds

...Officers started arresting Occupy Columbia protesters Wednesday after Gov. Nikki Haley ordered them to leave the South Carolina Statehouse grounds, saying the people who had been sleeping on the complex for more than a month had cost the state more...
Recession means smaller Christmas tree for SC

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The Christmas tree in front of the South Carolina Statehouse has been affected by the recession. WLTX-TV reports this year's tree is shorter than usual, not even reaching above the monument...
Carolina rants and raves

...Mark Sanford vetoed socialist laws, so the pols in Columbia overrode his vetoes, thus proving enough of the South Carolina Statehouse voters are socialists, or worse. THE AIKEN HOUSING AUTHORITY is looking for young folks to "oversee its summer...