David Norman

...schools of Lincoln County, Georgia and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Physical Education from South Carolina State University and an M. Ed. Degree in Secondary Education from the University of South Carolina. He was a member of...

Audit shows SC State will owe $23.5M by close of fiscal year

COLUMBIA, S.C. - South Carolina State University's escalating debt is expected to reach $23.5 million by the end of this school year, accountants said Wednesday, adding...

Judge rules SC State trustees can fire President Thomas Elzey; board holds meeting by phone

ORANGEBURG, S.C. - South Carolina State University trustees fired suspended president Thomas Elzey on Monday, hours after a judge reversed a decision barring such action.After...

Borrowing plan's defeat causes cuts to SLED, K-12

...However, a few items were added to the rewritten plan, notably $4 million to help financially troubled South Carolina State University pay off some of its oldest bills.Amid opposition from Gov. Nikki Haley and an influx of nearly $50 million...

South Carolina House approves firing SC State's trustees amid fiscal crisis

ORANGEBURG, S.C. - The state House voted Tuesday to fire all the trustees of financially troubled South Carolina State University, as the board met for the fourth time in 15 days and approved a no-confidence vote against suspended President...

South Carolina State trustees release letters to justify Elzey's firing

COLUMBIA - South Carolina State University trustees wrote a letter to President Thomas Elzey less than a month before they suspended him, saying they were worried he wasn't...

SC State not alone among HBCUs struggling to survive

COLUMBIA- While decades of leadership strife have contributed to South Carolina State University's fiscal crisis, it is certainly not alone among historically black colleges nationwide struggling to survive.

South Carolina House votes to eliminate Commission on Higher Education in budget debate

...Sanford campaigned on it during his first run for governor in 2002.But Merrill said the fiscal crisis at South Carolina State University is drawing support for an overhaul, as the commission did not intervene or draw attention to the problems...

Suspended SC State president sues school

COLUMBIA - The suspended president of South Carolina State University sued the school Tuesday for breaking his contract and asked the court to block his expected firing.Thomas Elzey sued S.C...

Senate panel to consider firing SC State trustees, appointing new board

COLUMBIA - Senators are fast-tracking a proposal to fire the trustees of financially troubled South Carolina State University, with leaders of both parties saying the drastic move must occur quickly to save the school.A Senate panel's...