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...and crew. NIGHT EXRAS: Q&A and interview with Mr. Jarmusch, plus commentary with his director of photography and sound mixer. COST: DVDs, $39.95 each. (Criterion) '30 ROCK: SEASON 1' WHAT: Saturday Night Live veteran Tina Fey draws...
'Out of Order' takes its place among top TV dramas

...I was filming a scene in which Lorna and Mark get into a heated argument," he recalled. "I looked over to the sound mixer and saw he was underlining all this dialogue in the script. He said, 'Oh, these are all the lines that either I...
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...self-titled first album, released in 1999, has sued the White Stripes in U.S. District Court. He is listed as sound mixer on "De Stijl," released in 2000. "It's not just about fun and games," Diamond said. "I understand this is...
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Celebs flash peace signs on way into Oscars

...Move On" from "Chicago." Zeta-Jones is expecting the couple's second child in April. --- "Spider-Man" sound mixer Kevin O'Connell broke the record for the most Oscar losses in history with his 16th defeat. Last year, he and singer-composer...
High-end sound at relatively low cost

...system. (Macs are not supported.) The software that comes with the package works well enough. Most useful is the sound mixer, which allows users to fine-tune the audio - treble, bass, speaker balance or position and the various inputs...
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