Karin Calloway | The Augusta Chronicle

...of a recipe that appeared in Southern Living Magazine years ago. Mother's Day is Sunday, and here's a recipe for a sophisticated dish, crispy chicken cutlets with mustard vinaigrette, that you can fix in honor of Mom. Tuesday, April 27, 2010...

Shopgirl: Fashion collaboration from Uniqlo, Lemaire clean, sophisticated

...seen this season from box stores. Uniqlo + Lemaire brings together the clean lines we're used to from Uniqlo and the sophisticated silhouettes of Lemaire, a burgeoning newer French design house. My favorite pieces are a long belted wrap cashmere coat...

North Korea warns it has restarted all nuclear bomb fuel plants

...declared Tuesday it has upgraded and restarted all of its atomic fuel plants - meaning it could possibly make more, and more sophisticated, nuclear weapons.The statement, coming just a day after it said it is ready to conduct more rocket launches any time...

Paris attacks might renew encryption debate

...Edward Snowden. Since then, tech companies seeking to reassure their users and protect their profits have adopted more sophisticated encryption techniques despite government opposition. Documents leaked by Snowden also shed light on NSA efforts to break...

Criticizes media's 'sophisticated view'

...population has taken a very "sophisticated" view of President Bill Clinton...America! You have been deemed "sophisticated" by the liberal left. You see, in their eyes, you cannot be sophisticated (a euphemism for intelligent...

Opinion columns
Intrusion into government computers sophisticated

...into government computers will become increasingly more sophisticated and better organized and is likely to involve hostile nations...The running debate over the availability of increasingly sophisticated encryption technology, which scrambles messages and data...

XXX Technology
Study finds Chinese Internet filters sophisticated

NEW YORK - The Chinese government has become increasingly sophisticated at controlling the Internet, taking a multilayered approach that contributes to precision in blocking political dissent, a report...

Life & style
'Ratatouille' is visually marvelous, surprisingly sophisticated dish

Ratatouille might be the first Pixar movie that is so advanced, so sophisticated, it doesn't feel like it was made for kids. On a fundamental level, sure, children will probably enjoy watching the animated...

Slimmer Oreo cookie targeted at adults

NEW YORK - Oreos are getting a skinny new look, and its maker says the new cookie is a "sophisticated" snack for grown-ups that isn't meant to be twisted or dunked.Mondelez International Inc. says it will add "Oreo Thins...

Designers embrace 'the new feminine' decor

...decorating was wildly popular. Interior designers hung sharply tailored draperies alongside furniture covered in pinstripes. Sophisticated shades of gray were everywhere, as was navy blue.But "since the pendulum always swings, we're starting to see fresh...