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City has a spending itch

It's time we considered putting the Augusta Commission on an allowance.
Pittman shows genuine concern

...District 7 race for Augusta Commission, only one ? Sonny Pittman ? cared enough to ask the Board of Elections to west Augusta.There is no doubt in my mind that Sonny Pittman is the best man to serve as our Augusta commissioner...
Elect Sonny Pittman

...will be our pleasure to vote for Sonny Pittman's election to serve as the Augusta...In every sense of the word, Sonny Pittman epitomizes dedicated citizen volunteerism...Augusta commissioner to vote for Sonny Pittman in the special election March...
Sonny Pittman officially announces candidacy for District 7 commission seat

West Augusta Alliance president Sonny Pittman formally announced his candidacy Tuesday for the 7th District seat on the Augusta Commission.The special election to complete...
Pittman speaks for Dist. 7

Sonny Pittman has been a tireless advocate for the taxpayers in west Augusta and be there for Sonny. I urge everyone in District 7 to vote to elect Sonny Pittman our Augusta Commissioner in the special election to be held on Tuesday...
Why Sonny Pittman should be elected

I enthusiastically support Sonny Pittman to replace Tommy Boyles as District 7 Augusta commissioner...I strongly recommend to District 7 voters that they elect Sonny Pittman their commissioner. J. Lester Newsome, Augusta
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Vote Sonny Pittman for District 7

I strongly support Sonny Pittman's election to serve as the Augusta Commissioner for District...citizens in west Augusta would be fortunate, indeed, to have Sonny Pittman representing them on the Augusta Commission. Alvin Forrest, Augusta
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Elections Tuesday in Richmond, Columbia counties

...District 7, while an E-SPLOST vote is set for Columbia County.Interim Commissioner Hap Harris, Sean Frantom and Sonny Pittman are vying to complete the term of former Augusta commissioner Donnie Smith. If no candidate gets a majority of the...
Augusta Commission District 7 candidates' voting records analyzed

...Augusta Chronicle looked into the voting records of interim Commissioner Louis "Hap" Harris, retired mortgage banker Sonny Pittman and charity Development Director Sean Frantom going back to 2000.The records, which don't specify how someone votes...
Augusta political group endorses Frantom

...Sean Frantom, 36, for the post at its Tuesday meeting.Overall, Frantom received 21 members' votes to candidates Sonny Pittman's 16 and Hap Harris' 15."We voted for Sean," said longtime committee member Joan Germaine of herself and her...