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West Augusta group demands hearing on commissioner appointment

...administrator candidate Janice Allen Jackson, or a vote to impose an excise tax on manufacturers.Alliance President Sonny Pittman, who at one point sought the appointment himself, said Monday whoever gets the temporary appointment should be committed...
Allen will fix spending

Fiscal conservatives in the 12th District need to be standing in line when the polls open Tuesday, Nov. 4.
Getting Augusta more goats might be the easy part

...pick Sean Frantom and development director at the Ronald McDonald House and retired businessman and military officer Sonny Pittman. And at that time, Smith thought Echols was head and shoulders above the other two as far as experience.By Wednesday...
Augusta Commissioner Grady Smith still open to candidates for District 7 seat

...Echols; Grady Smith's former opponent and Mayor Deke Copenhaver favorite Sean Frantom; and retired businessman Sonny Pittman, who heads the West Augusta Alliance neighborhood group. They aren't the only ones interested in the post, said...
Commissioner Donnie Smith resigns

...District 7 school board member Kenny Echols, who lost a 2012 commission bid to Smith; Planning Commission Vice Chairman Sonny Pittman, who spoke out Saturday against Smith resigning; retired human resources manager Tim Martin; and former Repub lican...
Police standards agency to investigate ex-commissioner Smith

...ment Director Sean Fran tom; retired hospital administrator Kenny Echols; and Hap Harris, an insurance agent with Sanford, Bruker and Banks.Retired mortgage company owner Sonny Pittman wants the seat only until the election, he said.
Frantom joins race to fill Donnie Smith's commission seat

...Kenny Echols, Smith's opponent in the 2012 election.Echols has said he's willing to serve if asked, as has Sonny Pittman, the president of the West Augusta Alliance. Pittman said he would serve on an interim basis only and wouldn't...
Commissioner Donnie Smith a master at moonlighting March began popping up.Among them is former school board President Kenny Echols, who lost to Smith in 2012; Sonny Pittman, the vice chairman of the Augusta Planning Com mis sion; retired human resources manager Tim Martin; and Richmond...
Why Sonny Pittman should be elected

I enthusiastically support Sonny Pittman to replace Tommy Boyles as District 7 Augusta commissioner...I strongly recommend to District 7 voters that they elect Sonny Pittman their commissioner. J. Lester Newsome, Augusta
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Vote Sonny Pittman for District 7

I strongly support Sonny Pittman's election to serve as the Augusta Commissioner for District...citizens in west Augusta would be fortunate, indeed, to have Sonny Pittman representing them on the Augusta Commission. Alvin Forrest, Augusta
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission