Rants & Raves

...show that 92 percent of blacks are murdered by other blacks between 18 and 24 years of age. Ninety-two percent! Always somebody else's fault isn't it? HOUSE SPEAKER Boehner and the tea party took over the U.S. House on a pledge to repair the economy...

Browns' Josh Gordon reinstated, suspension reduced from a year to 10 games

...Abraham's season, and perhaps his career.Arizona placed the 15-year NFL veteran on injured reserve."You feel bad for somebody who it's probably the end of their line," coach Bruce Arians said.The 36-year-old outside linebacker sustained a...

Augusta Commission gives OK to hire city administrator

...Let me assure you there is someone running this ship," Allen said. "There was somebody running the ship when we had that major ice storm; there was somebody running the ship when we were dealing with these budget issues."Allen, who doubles...

US is leaving its best hope for victory in the Ryder cup back home

...the dilemma with the Ryder Cup," Love said. "As soon as you pick then you shouldn't play any more tournaments. Because somebody's going to do well and you're going to wish you had them on your team."It would be nice to wait. It's a marketing...

Vermont's largest city reaches milestone in green-energy efforts

...ensures their power is 100 percent renewable."It's like if you get a big old car you're never going to use, you let somebody rent your car, then you rent back a little smart car or a scooter or something because you don't have the need," Richards...

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny knows need for player protection

...on alert."No matter who it is, you've got to be careful when you start trying to make pitches up and in," Matheny said. "I think not too many pitchers have the control that they can go up and in and not risk hurting somebody."

Atlanta Gas Light to continue contamination cleanup in 2015

...There's feasibility and affordability, and we have to balance all of that," Batson said. "If people have ideas or there's somebody that wants to do something of their own volition, we'll listen to whatever people bring forward. But in the end, legally...

Jazz concert returns to raise more scholarship funds

...recalled how tough it was to pay for school when he was a student."It's something that you're proud to do because you're helping somebody," said Rob ertson, who served the school for more than 30 years before his retirement.

Getting Augusta more goats might be the easy part

...Bill Lockett would like to see have the job permanently, has been working diligently on the 2015 budget."If we bring in somebody else now, that goes away," Guilfoyle said.Davis said the agreed-on procedure was for the mayor to make the nomination...

Michaux: Mason should follow Belue's blueprint

...wonderful thing having a guy like this able to step in because you're not going to see a noticeable drop-off. You lose somebody like Aaron Murray you just assume there's going to be this big void. Right now he's taken the reins of this thing and...