Somalia on steroids

...nonbinding resolution as a surrender, a defeat, a retrenchment. Somalia on steroids. A nonbinding rebuke of our commander and chief...embassy bombings, and they witnessed American retreat from Somalia, a sorry episode that gave flight to Osama bin Laden's worst...

Somalia's salvation

...slowing it down all the more. What this means is armed ships, patrols and military incursions. The Somalis got it tough. But don't cry for these thugs. They're stopping aid from getting through and delaying Somalia's salvation.

Good morning! Or perhaps, Mogadishu!

Good morning! Or rather, perhaps I should say Mogadishu!More than 20 years ago, when the capital of Somalia was under deadly siege, it was common to read and hear "Mogadishu" in newspapers and on television.Mogadishu. It has such...

Patience, persistence will win new kind of war

...out of the first four, losing only in Somalia, but this new war will be very different...a scant 43 days). The war we lost (Somalia in 1993) saw only one day of intense...on that terrible day in October 1993 in Somalia when they were engaged in urban warfare...

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Behind the 'massacre'

...in Kosovo? Or the atrocities by U.S. forces in Haiti and Somalia? Or the murders by U.S. troops of those children in Afghanistan...to restore order and keep the peace - and, in the case of Somalia, to get food to starving people. Heck, we even "bombed...

Book review - `The Road to Hell: The Ravaging Effects of Foreign Aid and International Charity'

...Bountiful turned Hydra. The stage is the tortured African land of Somalia. Whenever famine strikes, Western public and private relief...CARE, Save the Children and Catholic Relief Services. In Somalia's tragedy within a tragedy, the bad guys predominate. Yet...

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Doctors see more female circumcision patients

WASHINGTON -- Dr. Nawal Nour's clinic rings with different languages, as women from Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan flock to see the Boston gynecologist and obstetrician. Many are hunting a doctor who won't flinch or interrogate...

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Concert tickets have become affordable in down economy

...have finally begun to improve, the music biz continues to be in more trouble than a pleasure craft sailing off the coast of Somalia.To best illustrate this economic flat lining, five-time Grammy winner Randy Newman, perhaps best-known for penning...

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Evans grows weary of discussing his age, military background

...sick of talking about his age, 30. He's tired of discussing his Army career, his six months in the Gulf War and tours in Somalia and Haiti. "I just knew coming in here that I was going to answer that question," he said when the topic came up at Wednesday's...

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Defends lawmaker's `anti-war' stand

...Since 1991, the United States has spent $21.4 billion in peacekeeping missions. These operations include Bosnia, Iraq, Somalia and Haiti with little or no results. If our ground troops end up in Kosovo, that will add another $2 billion annually...

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