Rosemary Hinman

...Marian and Richard Hinman, Gail graduated from Butler High and Falls Business College. She had a 40 year career in computer software applications, working for Georgia Pacific in Augusta and Atlanta, before retiring from Computer Generated Systems. Gail...

Gladys Dail

...at Tifton, followed by a Business degree from The University of Florida at Jacksonville. She was a business analyst in the software industry, overseeing legal contracts and agreements. Always valuing education, she went on to get her Paralegal degree from...

Microsoft promises Windows 10 will be familiar on all devices, even holographic headsets

...to the company's flagship operating software.Executives said Windows 10 is designed...7, the two previous versions of the software.Hoping to win back a larger audience...across devices, and a common platform for software developers to create apps that work on...

Low Country Clothier relocates in Martinez; building houses SecureGive, a church-based software company

...the founding pastor of Stevens Creek Church, to combine two businesses under a single roof.The Bakers' other venture, a software company named SecureGive, started 10 years ago and became the nation's first to offer electronic donation kiosks inside...

Funding boom shows power of tech startups, raises concerns

...the dot-com bubble burst in 2001.Software and biotechnology companies were the...accounting and consulting firm's global software practice. "This points to a dynamic...SnapChat, the popular messaging service.Software companies got the biggest chunk of funding...

Cybersecurity contractor opens center in Augusta

...has offices in Colorado, Maryland and Virginia.The company provides services in cybersecurity, information operations, software and systems engineering. Chiron's partners include defense contractors Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, Northrop...

Cybersecurity proposals part of decade-old programs

...cybersecurity operations and programs, told members that hackers exploited Sony using a "sophisticated worm" - a piece of malicious software - and tried to compromise the company's computer systems when turned on.The White House push comes after the Twitter and...

US job openings jump to 14-year high; sign of strong hiring

...for example, who aren't able to find work in growing sectors such as health care. There are some highly-skilled jobs in software development or advanced manufacturing that do appear to be hard to fill. But some economists point out that there are more...

Why US inflation stays ultra-low while job growth is surging

...companies can move operations overseas.O'Keefe notes that this trend increasingly hurts skilled U.S. service workers. Software engineers, legal researchers and IT help desk workers all compete with lower-paid workers overseas.

A cyberattack on journalism?

...News correspondent alleges that, while reporting on Obama scandals at CBS, someone "installed and periodically refreshed software to steal data and obtain passwords on her home and work computers," according to Fox News. "She also charges that the hackers...