Windows 10 privacy settings worth checking

...them by scrolling through the nooks and crannies of the "Settings" menu. That's a good thing to do with any new software program or Internet service. It's also good to go back periodically to make sure settings match your comfort level.

Volkswagen delays delivery of 2016 diesel models

...our company, and my colleagues in Germany, I would like to offer a sincere apology for Volkswagen's use of a software program that served to defeat the regular emissions testing regime," Horn will say, according to his prepared remarks...

Kathren Pawlicki

...Computers had just hit the work force. Ever the lifelong learner, Kay taught herself to use one, setting up the software program. Her family, particularly her grandchildren and great-grandchildren were the love of her life- holding her heart...

In Augusta and US, STEM workforce still sees fewer women

...path.Formerly an intern and now one of more than 100 full-time employees at RSI, Cordell's job is to test software programs that are created by the company's developers. The type of person who needs mental stimulation, Cordell said a...

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office receives Taser donation from Deputy J.D. Paugh Foundation

...Richmond County Sheriff's deputy killed on duty in 2011.It has previously purchased a $5,070 accident recreation software program for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, as well as radios and body camera for police departments in Harlem and...

5 ex-employees convicted in first criminal trial to spring from Bernie Madoff's huge fraud

...for a beach house for Crupi as the Ponzi scheme was falling apart.Prosecutors said O'Hara and Perez developed a software program that automated the fraud, generating "information out of thin air," as one put it.The Ponzi scheme nearly ran...

Hephzibah Police Department receives body cameras

...in 2011. It has previously purchased radios for the Harlem Police Department and a $5,070 accident recreation software program for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.With a budget as limited as the one the Hephzibah Police Department...

Penalties, interest add to bill

...were even aware that they were paying penalties and could take action to prevent penalties in future tax years. TAX SOFTWARE programs generally will figure out whether you have to pay penalties and include that in whatever money might be due. As a result...

Foundation purchases radios for Harlem police

...after he said he heard about the foundation's gift of $5,070 to purchase ARAS 360, an accident re-creation software program, to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.The foundation has spent more than $10,000 over the past two months...

EOCT scores show math continues to be a problem to Richmond County students

...state and the district is closing.She credited much of the improvement to the Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor Software Program.Every high school in Columbia County showed improvements in Math II except Greenbrier High, which dropped 0.7 percentage...