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Time management at the proper hour. Calendar software inconsistently displayed meeting times. But for the most part, the software patches and other tweaks applied by technology administrators worked as planned. "It was not very serious, but a lot of...
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Computer worm hits Asia, Europe after striking U.S.

...attack on a Web site operated by Microsoft on Saturday. The site,, is used to deliver repairing software patches to Microsoft customers to prevent against these types of infections. Microsoft offers a free patch on the Web site...
Video game sex hack puts focus on industry

...have layers of content, and sometimes there are "hidden" areas that can be unlocked with special codes. Often, software patches and add-ons available for download can modify video games - either made available by the original publisher or...
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New computer virus races around the world

...the weeks it took writers of Sasser. Microsoft recommended that owners of Windows 2000 and XP computers install software patches by visiting Firewall and anti-virus programs that have the latest...
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Homeland Security to offer free e-mails with cyber warnings

...disclosures about new security flaws in their products until engineers can study the problems and offer repairing software patches for their customers. Yoran said the government will aggressively warn consumers about vulnerabilities, in some...
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Authorities arrest Minnesota teen in Internet attack

...Microsoft, which the software maker easily blunted. The site,, is used to deliver repairing software patches to Microsoft customers to prevent these types of infections.
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Have you updated your video driver lately?

...villains, because they push hardware and driver software to their limits. Game publishers' Web sites are full of software patches designed to make the program work with various video cards, while Web sites run by computer and video board makers...
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Microsoft releases 8 critical patches

Microsoft releases 8 critical software patches to repair vulnerabilities NEW YORK - Microsoft Corp. released eight critical updates Tuesday to patch security holes in its Windows...
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