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Gladys Dail

...followed by a Business degree from The University of Florida at Jacksonville. She was a business analyst in the software industry, overseeing legal contracts and agreements. Always valuing education, she went on to get her Paralegal degree...
San Francisco is hoping next boom doesn't bust

...include a lower rate of venture capital investment. Silicon Valley saw more than $8.5 billion poured into the software industry during 2000, according to Thomson Reuters data. In 2010, the amount was less than $2 billion.
Up 2 Speed children under 17 without parental permission. The ESRB rating system was created in 1994 by the entertainment software industry. Use of the ESRB seal and rating is voluntary, though most games do so. Offbeat MENTOR, Ohio - An electrical...
Push made for electronic tax returns

...a bookstore and buy forms to file a paper return." Grassley said there would still be "plenty of room for the software industry to continue to provide value-added services." Congress set a goal of having 80 percent of individual tax returns...
Google IPO likely to generate fabulous wealth

...about another speculative bubble. "In the last six months people have started to party like it's 1999," said software industry veteran Christopher Lochhead, now chief marketing officer at Mercury Interactive Corp. "My biggest fear is that...
Oracle, Justice Department present closing arguments in pivotal trial

...pursuit of Pleasanton, Calif.-based PeopleSoft - a saga that began in June 2003 with a hostile bid that stunned the software industry. The courtroom audience included the Justice Department's antitrust chief, R. Hewitt Pate, and PeopleSoft's...
Sluggish software sales continue to sap industry's strength

...amplified this week by a chorus of warnings about lackluster quarterly sales, is raising doubts about whether the software industry will ever regain the vigor of its heyday. That was about five years ago when companies, government agencies and...
Microsoft selling Windows at bargin prices in emerging markets

...mature ones like the United States. Even McDonald's sets different prices for Big Macs based on geography. But the software industry is just beginning to move beyond a one-price-fits-all strategy. Besides Microsoft, Symantec Corp. in May...
Oracle raises PeopleSoft bid to $26 per share

...PeopleSoft nearly eight months ago. It's the latest salvo in a Silicon Valley showdown that has pitted two of the software industry's fiercest rivals. The animosity has been punctuated by the barbed remarks of the two companies' outspoken chief...
Microsoft announces shift toward security and privacy

...Microsoft, and much of the software industry, to focus its products on a huge statement for the software industry, not just a huge statement...has the ability to shape the software industry, he's the man." Other experts...
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