Indian prime minister gets warm reception at Facebook 'town hall' hosted by Zuckerberg

...warm welcome from about 1,200 people at the morning session, which was also streamed live on Facebook."We are software engineers. This is music to our ears," said 23-year-old Ashna Jain, reacting to Modi's comments. Like many young...

Tech firms eye driver's seat for car innovation

...about the auto industry in Silicon Valley. For one thing, cars provide a palpable sense of accomplishment for software engineers."If you work at Google or Yahoo, it's hard to point out, 'Well, I wrote that piece of code.' It's really...

If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches

...can build skills by volunteering in your community. You can build skills by working on community projects, like software engineers working on open source projects. You can build skills by starting a side business related to your field. Education...

Mom, groups seek to inspire girls to pursue STEM careers

...Rosie Revere, Engineer to Marilyn and stocks her nursery with other such books, like HTML for Babies.Mathews, a software engineer in Chalfont, Pa., believes the earlier girls are introduced to these fields, the better the chance they will...

'Entopreneurs' feed growing appetite for edible insects

...produce industrial-scale volumes of insects that can be used in food products," said Daniel Imrie-Situnayake, a software engineer turned entopreneur. "We're really just scraping the surface in terms of figuring out what the potential is for...

Search, social & shopping: Pinterest turns 5

...percent at Google."We're not close to where we want to be, but we're working on it," wrote Tracy Chou, a software engineer and tech lead at Pinterest, in a blog post last July.

Why US inflation stays ultra-low while job growth is surging

...move operations overseas.O'Keefe notes that this trend increasingly hurts skilled U.S. service workers. Software engineers, legal researchers and IT help desk workers all compete with lower-paid workers overseas.

STEM workforce needed for future, Technology Association of Georgia says

...successful in recruiting junior-level employees from local and state universities."When it comes to senior-level software engineers, Augusta has proven to have capable and qualified talent," he said. "The challenge in recruitment for the more...

News organizations sometimes try, but fail to keep NSA's secrets

...to identify an American intelligence target living abroad. Before the newspaper could fix its mistake, a curious software engineer, Ron Garret of Emerald Hills, Calif., tried to contact the man at his office."I figured someone ought to give...

Selling social media clicks becoming big business

...and brokers of fake clicks. But each time they crack down on one, another, more creative scheme emerges.When software engineers wrote computer programs, for example, to generate lucrative fake clicks, tech giants fought back with software...