Youths from tiny nation write controversial software

TALLINN, Estonia -- When Swedish software developer Niklas Zennstrom cast about for help in writing the Kazaa file-sharing software, colleagues raised eyebrows when he chose three...

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Chocolate makers find success in niche market

NEW YORK --- When he was a software developer who worked at NASA, Timothy Childs built vision-tracking...mainly in Europe. Founder Art Pollard, another software developer who studied physics, fell in love with chocolate...

Driving while black? New app developers offer advice

...drunken driving. She approached Oden-Orr in April, and the two have been working on the app since summer with software developer James Pritchett. The term "driving while black," perhaps unfamiliar to some, is common among African-Americans...

How to Retire Quickly

...you. As an example, I have two friends who are in this sort of "retirement." One of them is an open source software developer who spends his spare time creating really useful software for scientific research. He treats it like a job, spending...

On The Move

...MOURFIELDNew job title: Director of software engineeringEmployer: TaxSlayerWork experience: He was previously the senior software developer. KIM EVANSNew job title: Vice presidentEmployer: Blanchard and Calhoun CommercialWork experience: She was previously...

Ga. school principal charged in child porn probe

...of the people arrested included a 56-year-old elementary school principal from Villa Rica, a 22-year-old software developer from Atlanta and a 52-year-old Engineer from Johns Creek.Lang says 37 local, state and federal law enforcement...

Columbia County building BMX, skateboarding facilities

...and south Augusta. The closest parks of this caliber are in Columbia and Atlanta, Motto said.Motto, who is a software developer at Taxslayer.com, competed on an amateur skateboarding level for several years. He expects a lot of out-of-the-area...

Worry lingers despite growth

...it's getting better, but I don't see any improvement," Gilles Potasz, of Marietta, said. Even though the software developer just took a new job, he's not overly optimistic because it took him two years to find it, and he has many friends...

Buggy software raises questions on methods, regulation

...machines at his gym and his CD player. "Now I think of resetting appliances, not just computers," says Seigle, a software developer in Vienna, Va. Malfunctions caused by bizarre and frustrating glitches are becoming harder and harder to escape...

Cheaters pose serious threat to success of online gaming

...Basically, it just destroys the integrity of the games," laments Ray, a 35-year-old self-employed Houston software developer. While rogue players have plied Internet-based games for years, they can now be expected to annoy and rile not...

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