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AP again reveals socialist agenda television's feelings exactly. While denouncing America - because it's the only obstacle between the socialist media and one-world socialism - AP shows its concerns for America's enemy's religion, because they want the enemy...
Sees Clinton promoting socialism the new world order in order for them to pursue the most potential profits available." "Honest" Bill Clinton (who spent some Vietnam era time in Russia), is leading this demise, helped by our socialist media. Tom Hunter, Augusta
Opinion columns
Air views on Clintons, Beasley

On a recent Sunday morning we watched a little bit of the "Today" show. We can't believe that our socialist media is still staunchly defending and making excuses for President "Billy Bumble" Clinton and Hillary "The Bag Lady" Clinton. There...
Rants & Raves

...years, and I love it. It is just right; my arms don't have to open as wide.THE PHONY CAIN story allows the socialist media to grab attention by screaming "sex," and at the same time fills headlines that could be filled with the real news...
Journalism today is a joke

...who will blame the FBI, as they did with the fall of the Twin Towers in a 2004 article, making sure the liberal/socialist media and the press-elected Democratic president (Clinton, etc.) are left out of the story.And no one will know...
AP is covering for Obama

...become speakers for "The Party"?In earlier letters, I said that when democracy falls, the same national liberal/socialist media that brought it down will be asked by newspapers to explain its demise, and that AP will make certain it leaves itself...
Media muddle issues in Dems' favor

...2005, letter to the editor ("Socialist media imperils democracy"), I the grasp of the national socialist media, and there is no way out of...national monopolistic liberal/socialist media take control of the country...
Socialist AP shows its stripes was no news story, for everyone knew it was going to happen. Absent in all of these stores is the truth. The socialist media, including AP, is constantly cutting at the last thread of democracy - which is America - in an effort to destroy...
Socialist agenda reflected in media

...though half of the nation is either Republican or independent but is being kept out of the debate -- and only the socialist media is secretly being served.In none of the stories were the questions posed as to what gifts dissenting Democrat lawmakers...
AP shows its bias during elections

...AP on that risky nine-year-old loan program, as the stock market and democracy collapses -- almost as if by socialist media design. Could we get some help here? Tom Hunter Augusta