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Guingamp finds a way to compete against the world's best

...miserable moving to the sticks. Wages are modest. Unlike at PSG, no Guingamp player earns enough to be hit by the Socialist government's super-tax on salaries of more than 1 million euros ($1.13 million), Desplat said. But as a top division...
Rants & Raves

...brave WWII American soldiers fighting and dying for home and country. America needs a good, strong, honest conservative in power. Ronald Reagan, Mar garet Thatcher and Winston Churchill would put an end to this socialist government.
Scrap socialist government handouts

Thank goodness for Allen Johnson's letter Oct. 31 concerning government handouts ("One reader's veto message for Bush"). No working taxpayer should have to pay for someone else's children in any manner. Politicians have been "buying" votes with our tax dollars for too long. It is time to stop.Don Turner, Grovetown
Finance minister: cost of Olympics far greater than expected

...the rewards less than Greece anticipated. Giorgos Alogoskoufis blamed the higher costs on delays incurred by the Socialist government that successfully bid for the games in 1997 and was defeated by his own conservative party in March elections...
Painful cuts are best path to recovery

...costs.If we were to adopt a society she seems to advocate, we should look at Cuba where we have a communist/socialist government. Look at its bankrupt economy, failing health system and discontented people, and tell me which type of society...
Portugal heads for election despite bailout threat woes and force it to take a bailout.Portugal is rudderless and at the mercy of financial markets after the Socialist government quit this week in a dispute over new austerity measures.President Anibal Cavaco Silva met Friday with all the...
Madman Mugabe's got to go

...white minority regime of Zimbabwe, then known as Rhodesia, transitioned to majority rule in 1980, a Mugabe-led socialist government was elected. The new president was perceived as his country's George Washington. And for years, that's how...
Rants and raves

...the most brutal and repressive regime in Europe except for the Soviet Union, and yet the AP refers to it as a socialist government! Sorry AP; don't know what pinhead reporter you had file this piece of trash, but East Germany was a communist...
Metro | Rants and raves
Government: Athens Olympic budget running into the red delays has escalated costs and the nation will be saddled with crippling debt for decades. The former Socialist government, which was knocked from power by the conservative New Democracy party in March 7 elections, had repeatedly promised...
Backs 'anti-socialist' Buchanan

...Relations. You recall that the CFR consists of approximately 3,600 members who are the promoters of the one-world socialist government (The New World Order/United Nations). So you see our choices are socialist party "A" or socialist party...