Workers exposed to mold at Social Security Administration's west Augusta office, agency says

Not long after the Social Security Administration moved into a west Augusta office building in 2011, employees began to notice a troubling pattern of water seeping into the facility...

Social Security Administration vulnerable to identity thieves

WASHINGTON -- The Social Security Administration's policies for issuing identification cards...findings to a House subcommittee on Thursday. Social Security Administration officials want to press lawmakers at the hearing...

Social Security praised for Internet access

WASHINGTON - The Social Security Administration, criticized for making...Washington-published Privacy Times. The Social Security Administration has offered people access...happened was that the Social Security Administration could have put their...

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Critics: Social Security agency is trying to scare people

WASHINGTON - The Social Security Administration's Web site and customer...a decade longer. The Social Security Administration's Web site, in a question-and-answer...union, which represents Social Security Administration workers, says the agency...

Security of government data questioned

...Naples, Fla., after a Social Security Administration employee who had a dispute...systems, focused on the Social Security Administration and the Department of...James Huse Jr., the Social Security Administration's acting inspector...

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Social Security system ready for Y2K

WASHINGTON -- The Social Security Administration has completed its preparations for the Year...can feel more secure." Kathy Adams, the Social Security Administration's assistant deputy commissioner for systems...

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Frustration with Social Security leads to alleged bomb threat

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- A man frustrated with the Social Security Administration is free on bond after calling a radio talk show and allegedly threatening to blow up the federal building in Charleston. Luther...

Look at claims with skepticism

...percent of its obligations for the next 37 years with no changes to the current system, according to the Social Security Administration itself. Even after 2042, it can pay more than 70 percent of benefits even if we do absolutely nothing...

Bounty program pays off for state

...in the past 15 months for helping authorities track down prisoners receiving federal benefits checks. The Social Security Administration paid the money under a new bounty system created by the 1996 welfare reform law. The goal is to stop people...

Database offers peek at the past

...exact. This morbidly titled database, offered by the genealogy site Ancestry, lets you snoop through the Social Security Administration's records of deceased Social Security number holders. Considering the size of this database, it's surprisingly...

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