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Early bettors backing Pacquiao in big fight vs. Mayweather

...said. "We're well into a six-figure loss right now if Pacquiao wins."That could change when the so-called "smarts" start weighing in on a fight that is still two months away. Both Pacquiao and Mayweather began training camps this week...
Around the block

...United Way of the CSRA and United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta will collaborate to offer Augusta-area residents the Smart Start Early Education Substitute Teacher Program. The program is designed to recruit and instruct adults in the needs of...
News you can use

...of learning for your child is through reading. Here are some tips from Sharen Hausmann, the executive director of Smart Start, the early childhood division of the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta. - Select a book together. Provide an array...
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WHAT'S NEW Keep learning Sharen Hausmann, the director of Smart Start Georgia, says that learning shouldn't come to a halt just because school is getting ready to let out for the holidays. Here...
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City looks to Smart Start to discourage crime early

...gather in Savannah to roll out Smart Start Georgia, a statewide initiative...reduced. State leaders rolling out Smart Start Georgia cite voluminous research...fiscal year starting Tuesday, Smart Start Georgia will receive $7.5 million...
A smart start

Speak softly and carry a big stick, certainly. But here's the apparent mantra for modern warfare:
Budget fight follows trimming plan in S.C.

...programs. "They must believe they can't win that debate," he said. First Steps, modeled after North Carolina's Smart Start program, is aimed at getting children 5 and younger better prepared for kindergarten. It includes childcare subsidies...
Board finishes budget

...first State of the State address to provide $20 million for First Steps, a program modeled after North Carolina's Smart Start. First Steps would prepare children up to age 5 for kindergarten by providing subsidies to make child care better and...
Hodges' budget to focus on education spending

...included in his proposal will be about $20 million to start a preschool program similar to North Carolina's Smart Start. Smart Start promotes partnerships among businesses, nonprofit organizations and churches to improve the lives of preschoolers...
Gators beats Northeast Louisiana

...We're not that much better talent-wise than the teams we're going to start playing now. If we don't get a lot smarter, start playing within the rules, playing like we know what's going on, we could be in dire straits." The Gators (2-0...