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NBA already addressed issues that arose in Game 4

...LeBron James called it a "slight" headache, though nothing involving the...concussion protocol. I had a slight headache, which I think every last one...stitches and I got a little slight headache right now, but I'll be fine...
Questions about youth football safety after death of 10-year-old girl

...before her collapse. Family members in suburban Bartlett say she complained of headaches after that practice and had a slight headache the next day. However, they say the headaches disappeared until she complained of another shortly before collapsing...
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Death takes a champion, puzzling doctors win a world championship for Panama and my family." Late in the evening, Alcazar grew tired and said he had a slight headache. The young boxer took some Tylenol and went to bed, knowing he had to get up early for a flight back home to Panama...
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The `old grandfather's' climb of Kilimanjaro

...great deal of respect as they admire and respect "old age." Again, today, I have had no problems, not even a slight headache, which often happens at this altitude. I seem to be in good shape as my legs are not tired anytime, and I wake up...
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Marion doesn't remember fall

...consciousness on the court but said he remembered nothing until waking up in the hospital. He said he still has a slight headache and is tired and sore, but he showed up for the Suns' "Team Up" appearance in front of thousands of screaming...