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Judge sentences Bennett to jail term of two months

...altogether." The case involved a woman in her 20s, whom Bennett had known for a long time. She was treated for trauma and skin cuts after their sexual encounter at a Buffalo hotel May 18. The woman went to Bennett's hotel room at his invitation...
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Stanley Lott

...because they think - as he says he does - that evaluating people on the content of their character, not the color of their skin, cuts both ways. He believes the civil rights protests did make it possible for him to interact peacefully with the people...
Bennett back to try again for Super Bowl ring

...encounter in a Buffalo hotel room. Bennett, who is married, was charged after the victim was treated for trauma and skin cuts. Bennett entered counseling and became a born-again Christian, serving his sentence with the help of a Bible. According...
Bennett released by Falcons

...a severe blow after a May 1997 sexual encounter in a Buffalo hotel room. The female victim was treated for trauma and skin cuts, and Bennett, who is married, pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct. The linebacker entered counseling and became a...
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