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Fryer: Carpenter's decision validated

...getting out of his car.Ed Carpenter's decision in November to race only on ovals and to turn his car over to a more skilled driver on road and street courses was largely overshadowed by Franchitti's sudden retirement because of injuries suffered...
Matt Kenseth hoping to keep sponsors

CONCORD, N.C. - The endless sponsorship plugs in NASCAR can be almost comical sometimes, and a skilled driver can always figure out a way to name-drop a company into any conversation.So it was no surprise when Matt Kenseth began rattling...
Vital school bus service is nation's largest transit system, and the safest

...not in the recent past. These individuals deserve recognition for the significant job that they do. Without these skilled drivers, some children would be without a safe and timely form of transportation to school. April 11-17, 1999 marks the...
Opinion columns | Aiken County Board of Education
'NASCAR 2005' is on right track with challenging innovations

...drivers will hound you mercilessly. Allies, on the other hand, won't ram you off the road, but you need to be a skilled driver to avoid collisions while passing. You also can collect prestige points to graduate faster to high-level racing...
Kanaan repeats as Phoenix champion

...which translated into 123 degrees on the pavement and created slippery conditions, made it impossible for some skilled drivers to stay out of trouble. Hornish, who won at Homestead, lost control coming out of the second turn on the 81st lap...
NASCAR success story always a family affair

...He's Jeff Marcis, just another middle-of-the-pack grinder. Not that many of today's racing stars aren't skilled drivers, but aren't there hundreds of others who are more skilled and simply don't have the benefit of a racing name...
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