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DeMint will exit Senate to head conservative group in Florida.DeMint is associated with, but no longer runs, the Senate Conser vatives Fund, which ranked sitting senators. He formally cut ties with the political action committee he founded earlier this year.He helped raise more than...
News Analysis: Race is already testing Chambliss

...ounce of political ambition. But there have been elections in Georgia when no one felt bold enough to taken on a sitting senator, such as the venerable Sam Nunn in 1990. He was able to keep both major parties happy enough with his performance...
Parties see Senate race differently

...candidate this fall. Both parties also see competitive races for GOP-held seats in Colorado and Oklahoma, where sitting senators are stepping down, and in Alaska. On the other hand, national Democrats could be tempted to cut and run from a...
State senator convicted of mail fraud

...Miss Johnson on all five counts of mail fraud against her. Sentencing is set for Nov. 5. Miss Johnson, the first sitting senator convicted of a felony by a jury in recent memory, said she will appeal the verdict. "I cannot give up at this point...
DeMint: A conservative kingmaker upends GOP order

...trying to pick fights. But his political radar often seems sharper than his diplomacy. His Conservatives Fund ranks sitting senators, for example, and gives Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky a grade of 79 out of 100 - a "C'' - while...
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Georgia General Assembly begins

...Mr. Taylor said. "(But) it would not be fair for the people of her district and ... to the Senate for a sitting senator to be in a position of trying to perform the duties expected of a senator while dealing with the post-conviction...