$8 million Woodruff gift allows simulation lab in new GHSU building

...couldn't ? a state-of-the-art simulation center for interdisciplinary training...While the university has "incredible" simulation labs now, "space is an issue," Barcus...of people who can use them.The new simulation labs, which will be used by all students...

'Gran Turismo 4' is example of elegant driving simulation

...em-up destruction derby, however, look elsewhere. This is a driving simulation, and it comes closer to mimicking the physics of real-life vehicles than any other simulation. It doesn't offer the frantic crashing and button mashing of its...

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Scientists studying simulation of 1906 quake

...described as the most detailed computer simulations of the catastrophic 1906 San Francisco...stretch of the San Andreas Fault. The new simulations reveal that seismic waves raced away...usgs.gov/regional/nca/1906/simulations

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Linux finding niche in automotive industry

...supercomputers to design new cars, run crash simulations and crunch through structural analysis...August, allows it to analyze crash simulations 20 percent faster at 40 percent of previous...hopes to use Linux cluster technology in simulations for aerodynamics, hoping to determine...

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Hurricanes are crunch time for the reinsurance business

...meticulously track Hurricane Frances as employees run storm simulations that pop out specific damage estimates for certain zip codes...working nonstop running clients' properties through computer simulations of the storms, much of the work can't even be started...

Virtual quakes could help building safety

...engineers are working on computer simulations that can predict how a building...with building-movement simulations. MSU will combine both technologies...result for the data. The simulation programs will take into account...billion a year. Earthquake-simulation systems, such as the MSU...

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Destroying asteroids harder than it looks

...issue of the journal Nature, scientists created computer simulations of what would happen if an asteroid were hit by an object...Laboratory in Pasadena said in an accompanying commentary that the simulations may change current thinking about using nuclear blasts against...

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Space Wars enter a new dimension

...Commander" set the standard for science-fiction space simulations in the early 1990s. The series has had its ups and downs...be the best in the series, it also may be the best space simulation ever. The story places you in the character of Lance Casey...

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National Teacher of the Year stresses history

...race between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, using computer simulations to follow the candidates' progress in each state: "Kids...privilege and an honor," said Bigler. Despite the historical simulations that figured into the award by the National Council of Chief...

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Lunar Prospector spacecraft in orbit around moon

...getting set for high-altitude scientific study beginning later in the week. "Everything's working just as it had in our simulations," said Scott Hubbard, mission manager at NASA's Ames Research Center. The spacecraft's engine burned for 30 minutes...

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