$8 million Woodruff gift allows simulation lab in new GHSU building

...couldn't ? a state-of-the-art simulation center for interdisciplinary training...While the university has "incredible" simulation labs now, "space is an issue," Barcus...of people who can use them.The new simulation labs, which will be used by all students...

Simulation at GHSU designed to help with stroke care skills

...breath sounds or moaning to simulate real conditions.The training Tuesday for emergency workers in the Interdisciplinary Simulation Center at Georgia Health Sciences University was designed to help them recognize and begin to care for stroke patients...

Richmond County school board looks at job programs

...be a huge gap to fill. That's an opportunity for us to get our students into a career."Hannah wants more of a "work simulation" environment for those in technical education and a proper balance between "theory and practice.""We need to make sure...

NASCAR's storylines waiting on Daytona 500 in February

...Racing, the problems aren't with Ford.With no private testing allowed, the organization will have to rely on computer simulations educated guesses to catch up. CAN JIMMIE JOHNSON CLIMB BACK TO THE TOP?Every season starts with the very real prospect...

Georgia beats Norfolk State for sixth in a row

...to overcome.Georgia entered Saturday No. 14 in the RPI and No. 11 in strength of schedule, according to ESPN.com's simulation."From a non-league perspective, we've put ourselves in the right position," coach Mark Fox said.The Bulldogs open...

'Gran Turismo 4' is example of elegant driving simulation

...em-up destruction derby, however, look elsewhere. This is a driving simulation, and it comes closer to mimicking the physics of real-life vehicles than any other simulation. It doesn't offer the frantic crashing and button mashing of its...

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Scientists studying simulation of 1906 quake

...described as the most detailed computer simulations of the catastrophic 1906 San Francisco...stretch of the San Andreas Fault. The new simulations reveal that seismic waves raced away...usgs.gov/regional/nca/1906/simulations

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Linux finding niche in automotive industry

...supercomputers to design new cars, run crash simulations and crunch through structural analysis...August, allows it to analyze crash simulations 20 percent faster at 40 percent of previous...hopes to use Linux cluster technology in simulations for aerodynamics, hoping to determine...

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Hurricanes are crunch time for the reinsurance business

...meticulously track Hurricane Frances as employees run storm simulations that pop out specific damage estimates for certain zip codes...working nonstop running clients' properties through computer simulations of the storms, much of the work can't even be started...

Virtual quakes could help building safety

...engineers are working on computer simulations that can predict how a building...with building-movement simulations. MSU will combine both technologies...result for the data. The simulation programs will take into account...billion a year. Earthquake-simulation systems, such as the MSU...

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