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SC governor candidate's call for DSS session called unrealistic

...who have worked over the past decade to give the governor's office more authority by expanding the Cabinet.A simpler solution for changing the agency's leadership, he said, would be for voters to "fire the CEO in charge."Haley's...
Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

...Instead, you should sit down and look at what your actual needs are related to that item. You may find that a simpler solution ? usually a lower-cost solution ? is a better option for you. Bigger and newer and more feature-laden is not...
Stop this nutty idea!

...filters and wash through the plane after 5,000 hours of flight. That's ridiculous! Did the DOT even consider a simpler solution, like changing the filters every 2,500 hours? The agency also acknowledges that the real danger is if an allergic...
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MCG doctor explores vision disorder, excess iron link

...bind to iron and make it easier to excrete it out of the body -- is one option, Ganapathy said. But he likes a simpler solution."My proposal is, why not start donating blood?" he said, which reduces iron levels. "It's a kind of double...
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