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Microsoft gets in on blogging phenomenon

...both of which also are free. MSN Spaces will be supported by banner ads. Plenty of other companies already offer similar tools for creating and maintaining Web logs that track everything from workday antics to political gossip. Microsoft rival...
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Think pink: Your frequent breast cancer questions, answered

...breast cancer, and women should work closely with their health-care professionals to discuss results from these or similar tools.? If my sister had breast cancer, will I get breast cancer, too?Only about 10 percent of breast cancers overall...
Immigration bill keeps changing tap federal databases to verify the nationality of adults seeking benefits. It also would force employers to use similar tools to check the citizenship of workers, including independent contractors. Pregnant women and children would still get...
New year time for fresh start

...her clients an organization kit that helps them get their financial house in order. Most financial planners offer similar tools. She also suggests using a computer to keep records. "Organizing is a must," she says. But your system doesn't...
Old tools focus of scientist

...what they are actually used for. But Mr. Jones can sometimes help answer that question by actually trying to make similar tools, and then seeing how they work. Archaeologists have long argued about the use of little clay balls found in the Savannah...
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