Better Business Bureau offers tips to determine if company is trustworthy

...of large profits for minimal work and little experience?? What is the marketability of the product? Is there a similar product on the market for less money?If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably looking at a pyramid...

Subscription sample boxes shake up beauty routines

...said it includes a booklet with details about products, trends and how-to-use information. Birch Box offers a similar product card every month. Some beauty box companies have subscribers take a survey asking about their skin and hair types...

Beech Island man creates household tool to reach high cords, ceiling fans

...S. Patent and Trademark Office, he said a thorough patent search done by his attorney revealed there weren't similar products on the market. Waters has applied for a utility patent, which is granted to anyone inventing a new or useful process...

Research return policies when buying holiday gifts

...exchange unwanted merchandise?Ask for a gift receipt and enclose it with the present.Don't remove electronics or similar products from their boxes before wrapping because original packaging might be needed for a return.Do not assume the regular...

Salt varies widely in fast food internationally

...than those served in the United Kingdom, the study said.There was also wide variation between companies with similar products. The salt level in sandwiches from Pizza Hut tended to be 70 percent higher than those from Subway, according to...

Anyone can sue over old patents

...owned by Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble Co., and Arrow Fastener Co. Inc., a manufacturer of staplers and similar products. The case against Saddle Brook, N.J.-based Arrow has been withdrawn, but Mr. Pequignot retains the right...

Shade, poor soil permit moss growth

...applied but they are a temporary fix unless the growing conditions are improved. You can apply ferrous sulfate or similar products such as Scotts Moss Control Granules. There are others that are combined with a fertilizer, such as Scotts Lawn...

Read the policies to avoid holiday gift-return hassles

...and clearance items, which may be different than merchandise sold at full price. - Don't remove electronics or similar products from their boxes before wrapping as the original packaging may be required for a return. Many merchants charge as...

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If you build sense of urgency, they will buy

...determines your motives to buy. It's the same with your customer. I don't settle. If a store or a supplier has a similar product but not the brand I want, I go to another store or another vendor. Or I'll just not make a purchase at all. Others...

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Extend harvest by attending to garden's needs

...vegetables. Depending on the distance between the rows, you might even spray Roundup (except near tomatoes), or a similar product, to help battle weeds. Be sure to not let any drift on the vegetable plants. You can use a sprayer with a shield...

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