Controversial software on Lenovo laptops uses cutting-edge visual search technology

...software, which captures images that users view online, such as a sofa or pair of shoes, and then shows them ads for similar products. The problem arose because Superfish used software from another company that can eavesdrop when Internet users visit...

Beech Island man creates household tool to reach high cords, ceiling fans

...S. Patent and Trademark Office, he said a thorough patent search done by his attorney revealed there weren't similar products on the market. Waters has applied for a utility patent, which is granted to anyone inventing a new or useful process...

Report: FDA doesn't need proof of harm to curb risky supplements

...sales of a dietary supplement, an advisory panel reported Thursday. Data from animals, test-tube studies, even similar products can suffice, the panel said. Still, Congress should require manufacturers to report customers' side effects...

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Computer organizer: Palm reading

...to run on Microsoft's Windows CE, a stripped-down version of Windows designed to run on smaller devices. (Similar products are out or coming soon from Everex, Philips and other manufacturers.) Hit the "Start" button on the task bar...

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Business briefs: New computer made for business

...software. Other makers, such as Dell Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM, are expected to follow with similar products. The new computers take aim in large part at Sun Microsystems Inc., which specializes in selling high-end RISC...

Simple auto tips can make every drive a safe one

...the glass coated with a liquid that makes the water roll right off. It works like wax, and several companies sell similar products. I've used it for more years than I can remember. There I was, though, in a rainstorm, with a brand-new...

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Research return policies when buying holiday gifts

...exchange unwanted merchandise?Ask for a gift receipt and enclose it with the present.Don't remove electronics or similar products from their boxes before wrapping because original packaging might be needed for a return.Do not assume the regular...

Smart new products prove instant messaging is a killer app

...the video- and voice-over-Internet communications revolution that AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and similar products helped kick off. Instant messaging is accelerating the pace of work. Bolstered by ever-cheaper, high-speed...

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Consumers don't want food irradiated, Veneman says

...expected to decide in the next two months whether to allow the process to be used on sandwich meats, hot dogs and similar products. So far, very little meat has been irradiated, largely because of concerns in the food industry about consumer...

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Business briefs

...incontinence products, feminine hygiene products and baby diapers, would become a part of a unit of Tyco that makes similar products. But Garnett Smith, Inbrand's chairman and chief executive officer, said its manufacturing plant would remain...

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