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At the Movies: 'Guess Who'

Sidney Poitier never would have fallen on his butt while pulling luggage from a taxicab...25th anniversary. Kutcher is then called upon to do something else Sidney Poitier never would have done - and in the process must step into the shoes...
International media give Poitier, Redford, Berry standing ovations

LOS ANGELES -- After receiving their Oscars, Sidney Poitier, Robert Redford and Halle Berry each got because not only am I at the Oscars, I'm with Sidney Poitier." Moreau, 33, said Poitier was the first black...
Life & style
Hit the books in 2015 written about African-American upper-class society.? The Measure of a Man is an awesome autobiography by Sidney Poitier. This book is written with eloquence, style and grace.? Roots, by Alex Haley, is a must-read. Fantastic...
TCM documentary shows conditional love for Oscar

...wins for black actors, the first going to actress Hattie McDaniel in Gone with the Wind (1939), and next to actor Sidney Poitier for Lillies of the Field (1963)."There's a lot of white people in between," Goldberg noted, with a chuckle...
At the Movies: capsule reviews of new films

Capsule reviews of films opening this week: "Guess Who" - Sidney Poitier never would have fallen on his butt while pulling luggage from a taxicab trunk. And he never would have been caught romping on...
Academy Awards a breakthrough for black actors

...was named best actress for "Monster's Ball" and Denzel Washington took best actor for "Training Day," joining Sidney Poitier in an emotional evening as the only blacks to win those top-tier awards. By coincidence, Poitier was on hand to...
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Washington, Berry take top-acting awards

...became the second black to win best actor. They joined Sidney Poitier, who received the best-actor Oscar for 1963's "Lilies...Hersholt Humanitarian Award: Arthur Hiller. Honorary Awards: Sidney Poitier and Robert Redford.
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Kent and Bonds, the Giants' odd couple

...Oh, man, if he goes, I go, too,"' the San Francisco Giants manager said, recalling the characters played by Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis in the 1958 film, "The Defiant Ones." "They end up being cool and partners at the end." For...
In the Spotlight

...Quigley poll, which since 1932 has asked movie exhibitors to vote on the 10 stars who brought in the most business. Sidney Poitier topped the poll in 1968. Mr. Smith's superhero summer blockbuster, Hancock , grossed $228 million. Seven Pounds...
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Famous celebrity smiles

...leer looks like it should belong to the kind of cranky, loud smartmouth who smokes big cigars. Oh, wait ... - Sidney Poitier: One thousand watts of sophistication. - James Coburn: His choppers looked ready to jump out of his mouth and chase...
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