Islam's first constitution shows it is a religion of peace, tolerance

...cooperation among all the citizens who agreed and signed this document, regarding financial difficulties, family members, sickness, poverty, homeless, ransoms, illiteracy, abused and else, very much compared to today's social security concept...

Severe morning sickness may indicate a girl

...clue: Women who suffer severe morning sickness early in pregnancy are more likely to...mothers-to-be who get severe morning sickness in their first trimester are more likely...percent of those struck with nasty morning sickness in their first trimester gave birth to...

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FDA backs off rule allowing morning sickness supplements

...let dietary supplements treat morning sickness without proof the products are safe for...that their products can treat morning sickness or pregnancy-related leg swelling until...officials have maintained that morning sickness and leg swelling are not a disease but...

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Why We've Given Up on Coupons

...we get far more value out of an hour spent in our vegetable garden clearing weeds, tending the soil, and treating any sicknesses than we do out of couponing for an hour. We get more value out of doing home maintenance and auto maintenance, like changing...

Rants & Raves

...WHO COMES UP with this absurd stuff about a "male or female" business? And "gender roles are increasingly fluid." The sickness is spreading. SOME BIG MEDIA talking heads say not trusting a Muslim for president would be "bigoted." Political correctness...

9 killed in Oregon college shooting

...spoke to reporters at the White House, saying the U.S. is becoming numb to mass shootings and that the shooters have "sickness" in their minds.Repeating his support for tighter gun-control measures, the president said thoughts and prayers are no...

Producer for 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' talks to Midland Valley students

...Neighborhood."I met him (on a plane) with my dad when I was really little," Blankenship said. "He was as nice as he could be.""(Rogers) made her a puppet out of the (air sickness) bag," Morris said. "I couldn't forget it."

Trinity Baptist Church pastor's son Alex Moore's health improves after anemia treatment

...counts can hold stable, Alex may just develop a new normal. It won't be like the rest of us, he may be susceptible to sickness, but at this time they have taken the bone marrow transplant discussion completely off the table."Alex, now 6, will never...

Richard Power

...meaning of having a positive attitude even in the face of great sickness. He taught us to live life to the fullest and to never, ever...meaning of having a positive attitude even in the face of great sickness. His legacy will live on in those who knew and loved him...

Parents get kid-sickness during camp

...from separation anxiety, or "kid-sickness." "Usually, what camps have dealt...didn't have a severe case of "kid-sickness," but she admitted feeling some loneliness...said cell phones can promote "kid-sickness." "Parents are sending two cell phones...