Jail unethical educators

...hands, and our example influences all future generations.Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter understood the sickness demonstrated by these people. I refuse to call them teachers.My career covered from 1963 to 2003. I witnessed the deterioration...

Angus Spires

...sad goodbyes are ever spoken in a land of endless tomorrows. Never again will he experience disappointments, sorrow, or sickness for now he is safe at home in the arms of Jesus. The family will receive friends at the funeral home this Saturday evening...

Another royal baby on the way - but family is keeping lid on details

...about the birth of their second child, and both kept up official duties until March.Kate did suffer from severe morning sickness in the early months, just as she did in her first pregnancy. But her health improved since then.Meanwhile, William will...

Severe morning sickness may indicate a girl

...clue: Women who suffer severe morning sickness early in pregnancy are more likely to...mothers-to-be who get severe morning sickness in their first trimester are more likely...percent of those struck with nasty morning sickness in their first trimester gave birth to...

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FDA backs off rule allowing morning sickness supplements

...let dietary supplements treat morning sickness without proof the products are safe for...that their products can treat morning sickness or pregnancy-related leg swelling until...officials have maintained that morning sickness and leg swelling are not a disease but...

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The Coupon Lady: Stockpiling items pays off during sickness

...of the week.I wish I could say I was productive during my sickness, but the rest of the week was spent forcing myself up out...hadn't been prepared. Couponing has its advantages during a sickness.Because I had a medicine stockpile, I didn't have to go...

Georgia salmonella-tainted peanuts case in hands of jury

...identified Parnell's peanut plant as the source of salmonella poisoning blamed for the deaths of nine Americans and in the sicknesses of 714 more.Jurors had barely begun deliberations when they adjourned without a verdict Friday afternoon. Judge W. Louis...

Parents get kid-sickness during camp

...from separation anxiety, or "kid-sickness." "Usually, what camps have dealt...didn't have a severe case of "kid-sickness," but she admitted feeling some loneliness...said cell phones can promote "kid-sickness." "Parents are sending two cell phones...

Vaccine may help preemies fight sickness

...it just makes it that much worse." Reach Tom Corwin at (706) 823-3213 or tom.corwin@augustachronicle.com. The sickness WHAT IS RSV?: Repiratory syncytial virus causes infection in the lungs and breathing passages. It can infect the same person...

Revisiting America's route

...couldn't be overcome, not even space! Civil rights would come, communism would be defeated, medical advances would cure our sicknesses and the world would be one where everybody had a shot at being happy. Who doesn't want to look back at that?A case could...