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Woody Allen among familiar faces at Cannes

...starring Natalie Portman in a road-trip drama in the Middle East; and Hsiao-Hsien Hou with "Three Times," featuring Shu Qi and Chang Chen in a love story told in three different time periods. "We are delighted about the return of big names...
People in the news Hong Kong history. The awards represented a setback for local favorite "Three Times," which won best actress for Shu Qi, best Taiwanese film and best film by a Taiwanese filmmaker. Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou, a singer-songwriter...
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At the movies: 'The Transporter'

...Ric Young and a series of wild inconsistencies. After dropping off the squirming young lady (Hong Kong action actress Shu Qi), Martin agrees to chauffeur a suitcase to another location. The suitcase is a bomb - placed for no apparent reason...
Tai Chi Zero

Now Playing Synopsis: A young social outcast joins forces with the daughter of a tai-chi master to defeat the villainous intruder who seeks to construct a railway through a remote village, in the process proving that he has what it takes to become a true master himself. Yang Luchan was born with a fleshy protrusion on his forehead. As a result, he was branded the village idiot and ostracized by his cruel neighbors. Encouraged by his mother to train in martial arts, Yang makes the arduous journey to Chen village, a peaceful hamlet populated exclusively by tai-chi practitioners. But the locals are wary of sharing their secrets with outsiders, and when Yang arrives, they challenge him to a series of duels. The worst beating comes at the hands of the gorgeous Yuniang, who pummels Yang mercilessly until an eccentric old man comes to his aid. Little does Yang realize that the old man is in fact the great Master Chen, a tai-chi legend who also happens to be Yuniang's father. Recognizing the warrior buried deep within the defeated pariah, Master Chen keeps his true identity concealed while stealthily giving Yang the tools to realize his true potential. Later, when the nefarious Fang Zijing arrives in town on a steam-powered leviathan and announces his intentions to build an unwelcomed railway through Chen village, Yang teams up with Yuniang to demolish the machine, thwart Fang's plans, and unlock the tai-chi warrior within. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi Cast: Jayden Yuan, Yuniang Chen, Eddie Peng, Tony Leung Kar-Fai, Shu Qi Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review