Shepeard Community Blood Center seeks platelet donors

Shepeard Community Blood Center announced Tuesday a significant need for platelet donors...of regular platelet donors have canceled appointments, Shepeard Community Blood Center said in a news release.Shepeard asks eligible donors to reserve...

Shepeard Community Blood Center maintains good supply

...and processing the blood takes time, said Greg Bearden, the assistant director of community resources for Shepeard Community Blood Center.Blood supplies can drop quickly when hospitals treat patients requiring large amounts of blood."When...

Shepeard blood center concerned weather could impact donations

...Shepeard mobile blood drives have been canceled for Tuesday, 1/28/2014 and Wednesday, 1/29/2014." Shepeard Community Blood Center is seeking more than 500 donors before the winter storm hits.According to a news release, the storm could...

Donors dwindle during summer

...donating platelets at Shepeard Community Blood Center on Wrightsboro Road...resources director at Shepeard Community Blood Center. "Routines are just...Nov. 30, she said. Shepeard Community Blood Center usually offers a free...

Augusta needs blood donations

...donors of all types, Shepeard Community Blood Center said this afternoon...at these locations: Shepeard Community Blood Center ?Augusta 1533 Wrightsboro...through Friday 9 AM to 6 PM Shepeard Community Blood Center ? Aiken 353 Fabian Drive...

Across the area

Blood drive promotes disease awareness Shepeard Community Blood Center will hold a blood drive Saturday to promote...Support Group. For more information, call the Shepeard Community Blood Center at 737-4551. Driver dies in one-car crash...

Blood donations run low during summer

...Linda Petersen, the marketing manager of Shepeard Community Blood Center.Right now, the blood center is running...anything."With another hot month ahead, Shepeard Community Blood Center has been offering incentives to attract more...

Blood center needs donors for platelets and plasma

Shepeard Community Blood Center's slogan, "one donation...org. LOCATIONS WHERE: Shepeard Community Blood Center (platelets and plasma...Monday-Friday WHERE: Shepeard Community Blood Center Evans (platelets only...

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Blood center hopes to be able to do testing

Officials with Shepeard Community Blood Center hope to have the technology early next year...site," said Kevin Belanger, the CEO of Shepeard Community Blood Center. "It's the first step to become self sufficient...

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Shepeard fears loss of drives

Call it the battle of the bloodmobiles. When officials at Walter L. Shepeard Community Blood Center first got wind a year ago that Red Cross Blood Services would be opening a blood drawing station in Augusta, they saw it as the...