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Prostitution dodges easy answer

...Craigslist officials had warned Congress that removing its adult services section from the Web site would only push sexual services to other Web sites.Statistics on prostitution are difficult to compile because arrests often are made under charges...
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Seven charged with soliciting sex acts at motel

...prostitution," according to reports by the sheriff's investigators. "The suspects arrested basically offered money for sexual services," Maj. Whitaker said. On Friday night, Robert Wayne Barker, 55, of Augusta; Steve Craig Terry, 51, of Aiken...
Some blame tourists for AIDS epidemic in Tobago

...23-year-old who contracted HIV two years ago while working at a beach hotel. There are no hard and fast prices for sexual services. One man said he'd take money, expensive gifts, sometimes just a dinner. "They take whatever they can get...
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Hearing scheduled on massage facilities

...haven't been convicted of, or pled nolo to, any kind of a charge -- prostitution or any type of charge involving sexual services. We will have an investigation fee in addition to the licensing fee, but it will not be a prohibitive fee meant...
Three arrested for prostitution in Columbia County

...all escort services." Sharon Bryant said she had been working as an escort for less than a week and never offered sexual services for money. "I didn't know what was going on," she said. "I thought it was a legitimate date." Ms. Bryant...