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For your babies' sake, immunize them

...are an important part of child care, and keeping infants and children age-appropriately immunized will keep many serious diseases -- some of which are only a plane ride away -- from returning in the United States.Dennis L. Murray, M.D...
What do med students learn in the ER? Valuable lessons indeed

...progress and assist ER physicians with teaching. He and the ER physicians teach students to recognize common and serious diseases and order the appropriate tests. Students also learn how to determine the correct treatment and decide which patients...
Insects transmit serious diseases

Fort Gordon started a week highlighting environmental education by focusing on pesky insects that can cause some nasty diseases.
Cord blood banking industry flourishes amid controversy

...once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture blood rich with stem cells that could potentially save the twins or a family member from serious diseases and conditions, she wondered. Was it was worth the collection and processing fees, many ranging from $1,000...
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Week in Review

...teens should get double the usually recommended amount of vitamin D because of evidence that it might help prevent serious diseases. The new advice for 400 units replaces 2003 advice for 200 units. Monday economy: Wall Street traders sent stocks...
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Animal insurance raises questions

...pets while they are young, perhaps only 6 weeks old. At this age, they are more likely to be healthy and free of serious diseases, Ms. Itzler said. "Pets with diabetes and cancer are ineligible for coverage,"she said. "If I didn't work...
Snakes have role in nature

...three rats every two weeks. Clearly, one snake can significantly impact an ecosystem by reducing the potential for serious diseases such as hanta virus or Lyme disease. At the first sign of danger, or human contact, snakes will usually flee...
Breast milk compound kills warts, possibly more dangerous lesions

...lesions in the throat, but not necessarily against cervical cancer. Svanborg said if HAMLET proves useful against serious diseases, the compound would probably be synthesized in the lab instead of being extracted from breast milk. On the Net...
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Dow Corning emerges from bankruptcy

...are pleased to be able to put this issue behind us." Most major scientific studies haven't linked implants to serious diseases like lupus or cancer. In 1999, the Institute of Medicine declared there was no evidence that implants cause major...
Hospitals struggle with shortages of key drugs

...vulnerable patients for months; and scrambled through shortages across whole classes of medications that treat many serious diseases, such as injectable steroids and diuretics. "During the '80s and early '90s, if we saw one or two drugs that...
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