Augusta Utilities could offer program adding thousands of new sewer customers

...sewer lines. Once connected, sewer service doubles a customer's water bill.Wiedmeier estimated half the city's septic system users would see the connection program as "a great opportunity," particularly those whose failing, leaking systems...

Sheriff's office provides drop box for expired prescription drugs

...rid of the drugs without the fear of their reaching the streets, in the hands of children, or damaging sewers or septic systems."The entire point of the operation is to have a safe way for people to dispose of drugs," Sgt. Allan Rollins...

Community responds to Richmond County sheriff's prescription drop box

...get rid of unused or expired prescription drugs without fear of the drugs reaching the streets or damaging sewers or septic systems.Rollins said sheriff's officials were skeptical of starting collections when the association approached them...

Heavy rains lead to pricey septic issues for some

...low-lying homes are especially vulnerable."There's so much rain it's saturating the ground and the water from septic systems has nowhere to leak to," Coleman said. "It's causing everything to back up."Homeowners are left with the...

Augusta water customers asked to complete survey on polluted waterways

...determine sources of the pollutants, but no definite areas were identified. The likely sources are malfunctioning septic systems and storm water drains, he said.The online survey takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. An invitation to complete...

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No testing done for drug residue

...bacteria, which may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations, or wildlife...come from gas stations, urban stormwater runoff and septic systems. - RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINANTS , which can be naturally...

'Extreme Makeover' home is in foreclosure

...2005, when Atlanta-based Beazer Homes USA and ABC's Extreme Makeover demolished their old home and its faulty septic system. In six days, construction crews and volunteers had completed work on the largest home the TV program had yet built...

State's rivers grow dirtier

...bacteria - which comes from human and animal waste and gets into waterways as the result of storm water runoff, faulty septic systems, farm animals using streams, and sediment from farms and grazing areas. Of 1,972 water sites monitored by the...

When life happens... don't panic

...yard, but that's better than on your carpet." Avoid it in the first place: Perform regular maintenance on your septic system or sewer drain pipes and lines so clogs are treated or prevented. How to rescue a Cell phone in the toilet/tub...

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