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How to experience God's presence

...his disciples and others.Then, when Jesus ascended into Heaven, his disciples must have experienced another separation anxiety even if it was less severe than the anxiousness and fear they suffered when his crucifixion and death separated...
All gift ideas for Augusta officials are appreciated

...Veterinary School where he underwent laser surgery this week to remove the re-growth and his tonsils."He had major separation anxiety being there and panted so hard, I was afraid he was going to drop dead of a heart attack or stroke, which I kept...
Separation anxiety

Quit whining about the governor, quit trying to micromanage the state, and get your work done.
Parents get kid-sickness during camp

...houses. While campers canoe, hike and build campfires, their leaders are finding that parents often suffer from separation anxiety, or "kid-sickness." "Usually, what camps have dealt with is homesickness," said Chris Hawn, the director...
What factors into fear?

...anxieties as an adult or reach extinction through time and life experience. Fears of children are often related to separation anxiety from their parents, Dr. Sexson said. Augustan Susan Plantamura's oldest child, Natalie, went through the...
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Avoid school's hard knocks

...and former elementary school teacher. Because of separation anxiety, it's also important to ease your child emotionally...Parents also might find it tough dealing with separation anxiety. Parents who do should speak with other parents...
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Parents fight center changes

...four children being seen in that clinic and fears for her 14-year-old, who suffers from severe depression and separation anxiety and was once kicked out of school for outbursts. "She's a totally different child today," Mrs. Cleveland...
School is exciting - and a bit scary

...probably experiencing mild separation anxiety - which is completely normal...they get older. They weather separation anxiety at 2, again at kindergarten...Sesame Street" will deal with separation anxiety, putting familiar faces into...
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Russian roulette

...mindful about how long kids are left in the good foster homes, lest they become too attached and are traumatized by separation anxieties when the time does come to leave. With a foster care record so catastrophically awful, it's too bad the state...
At the movies: 'Daddy Day Care'

...born. Their initial group of kids is a predictably ragtag bunch. One's allergic to everything, one has severe separation anxiety, one wears a Flash costume every day. Plus, Ben's too shy and Phil's wild-eyed son isn't potty-trained...