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Search for next Georgia Regents University police chief yet to begin

...In a written response to Au gusta Chronicle President Dana Atkins' concerns about access to the documents, GRU Senior Legal Adviser Greg Bryan said Wednesday that the information provided to the newspaper was inaccurate and that the investigation...
Salaries of MCG administrators soar in 5 years

...those jobs."Some of the large increases resulted from obvious job changes -- Andrew Newton went from being a senior legal adviser in 2005 to serving as MCG's general counsel, boosting his salary from $91,000 to $179,000 a year. Dr...
Metro | Medical College of Georgia
On the move

...graduate of West Texas A&M University was previously the paper's advertising director. Andrew R.H. Newton, senior legal adviser at the Medical College of Georgia, has been named vice president for legal affairs. Mr. Newton joined MCG in...

...Judicial Circuit is Charles C. Stebbins III, of the firm Warlick, Tritt & Stebbins. Clayton D. Steadman, the senior legal adviser for the Medical College of Georgia, did not apply for the judicial seat. The Chronicle regrets the error.
Subpoena seeks Walker records

...Georgia Personnel Services," Mr. Walker's temporary employment agency. MCG plans to turn over the records, senior legal adviser Andrew Newton said. The subpoena also asks for copies of contracts, invoices, correspondence and bids involving...
More sites violate law

...and Contracts, helping researchers with things such as setting up databases and Web pages, said Clay Steadman, senior legal adviser for MCG. During the past couple of months, information system employees noticed a steady drain of computer time...
MCG fraud to be retold by CBS

...which is in the process of hiring someone to index and sort the warehouses of coded and jumbled records, said MCG senior legal adviser Clayton Steadman. Those records may be requested by former study patients' families and could likely be subpoenaed...
Coronor denied test results

...coroner's subpoena for blood-alcohol and drug levels because the 19-year-old Ms. Lively is not dead, MCG senior legal adviser Clay Steadman said. Georgia law provides that coroners have jurisdiction to subpoena records of the deceased alone...
Insurance claim, trial linked

...When we get a conviction, it's going to make it very hard for them to argue there wasn't a theft," said MCG senior legal adviser Clayton Steadman. The case may be breaking new ground in the area of research misconduct, said attorney Barbara...
MCG admissions process may change

...are looking to a Supreme Court decision to guide them in making the medical school more diverse, said MCG's senior legal adviser, Clayton Steadman. While it's up in the air what the school can do in light of affirmative action setbacks...