US senator says it's time to put a woman on the $20 bill

...H. - The first woman to serve as both governor and U.S. senator is backing a campaign to put a female face on the $20 bill...first woman in the nation to serve as both governor and U.S. senator when she was elected to Congress in 2008. She contrasted the...

South Carolina's only female senator says GOP colleague's sexist comments went too far

COLUMBIA - A South Carolina senator says he was only joking with a female colleague when he referred...frequently asked him to stop.Katrina Shealy, the states only female senator, said that Sen. Tom Corbin was referring to rib meat, after...

Senator drafts stricter bill on cannabis oil

ATLANTA - A senator said Monday that he has filed a new bill to legalize medicinal marijuana in Georgia that would avoid legal problems that could...

Bottom line

...himself ? with some of the most uncivil, unprofessional and inappropriate utterances we've ever heard from a sitting U.S. senator and former Senate majority leader.The Nevada Democrat called his Republican counterpart Mitch McConnell "a lump of coal...

Important questions linger over nuclear deal with Iran

...solid barrier to the further proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East and globally. (The writer, a former U.S. senator from Georgia, is the co-chairman and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a charitable organization...

Con job at law firm to end criminal career

...police officer.Later that year, at an open house at his paralegal business ? attended by at least one judge and a state senator, according to an AP report ?Owen bragged that he was grossing $65,000.On Jan. 2, 1986, the Indiana Supreme Court...

Mother behind autism insurance push eager for governor to sign bill

...coverage while they look forward to Ava's graduation from Toombs High in 2022."We expect her to go to college," Anna said. "She wants to be a fashion designer. She also wants to be a senator so she can change laws quickly."

Senator plans bill to raise $800 million a year for SC roads

COLUMBIA, S.C. - A senator put in charge by his colleagues to find a way to raise more money...more. Leaders of the House continue to talk to the governor.The senator also said he hoped Haley would be flexible, saying she could be...

Institute is dedicated to Senate's dealmaker

...that bears the longtime Massachusetts senator's name can be as much an antidote to...on Boston's Columbia Point. The late senator envisioned the facility before he was...the institute and playing the role of senator, Obama said the institute can help change...

Isakson had low expectations for nuclear talks

...The Republican is Georgia's senior senator and one of 47 who signed a letter putting...isn't a formal treaty. Georgia's other senator, Republican David Perdue, also signed...know what he calls this thing," the senator said. "We haven't seen it yet. We...