Sego Middle School locked down after report of gun on campus

A prank call by a Sego Middle School student about a gun on campus led police to lockdown the school earlier today.Communications Specialist Israel Butler said the...

Sego Middle School celebrates 50th anniversary

...Many Augusta schools can't boast of a history like Sego Middle School.Built in 1964, it is one of the oldest middle...today ... we want that reputation to continue."Sego Middle School is scheduled to close by 2019; its student body...

6 suspended after cafeteria fight at Sego Middle School

Eight pupils were involved in a cafeteria fight at Sego Middle School, according to a Richmond County tribunal finding recently made public.Four of the pupils were suspended for the rest of the...

The NBA on wheels

A 13-year-old Sego Middle School student in an all-out tussle with a 12-year old...Richmond County school bus. Not by a long shot. Sego Middle School alone recorded 94 incidents last year serious enough...

Bus rolls over girl during fight

...bus rolled over a 13-year-old girl Monday at Sego Middle School when she tumbled out of the bus while fighting a...school year, and they have been having problems." Sego Middle School, located a few blocks off Windsor Spring Road...

Sego probe lies with prosecutor

...their inquiry into accusations that an eighth-grade Sego Middle School science teacher instructed pupils to rough up others...Danny Craig will decide whether to charge former Sego Middle School instructor Maurice Wallace.

School choice called success

...preventing teachers from finishing their lessons at Sego Middle School. So she did something about it. Anita transferred...the end of July for districts to use in planning. Sego Middle School was forced to offer choice after it did not make...

Should parents pay for threats?

...to pay for the cost of his son's bomb threats at Sego Middle School, he says he could afford about $5 a month. "You...him guilty of calling in an October bomb threat to Sego Middle School. Judge Kernaghan said he likes the idea of fining...

Judge confines pupil over bomb threat

...juvenile court judge ordered an eighth-grader at Sego Middle School to 90 days in confinement Wednesday for calling in...sheriff's Investigator Jo Ann Nutter testified that Sego Middle School received two calls Oct. 11 and one call Oct. 12...

"Hard" lockdowns increase in Richmond County schools

...launching a "hard" lockdown.Richmond County has had two hard lockdowns since the 2015-16 school year began: one at Sego Middle School and one at W.S. Hornsby K-8 school. Schools are placed in hard lockdown after an active threat has been detected...