Latest: Paris police raid targets suspected mastermind

...slightly injured and seven people arrested since the standoff began seven hours ago.___11:20 a.m.Armed security officers have fanned out around the historic Paris suburb of Saint-Denis during an hours-long standoff with police.Journalists...

Living in infamy: Must we have to see mass killers' mugs over and over?

...viewers, not much.With network cameras pointed elsewhere, those of us at home are happily left to assume stadium security officers tackle, then escort the lout to the pokey ? all without having to lay our own eyes on the numbskull.That's...

9 killed in Oregon college shooting

...security staff, just one officer on a shift.One of the biggest debates on campus last year was whether to post armed security officers on campus to respond to a shooting."I suspect this is going to start a discussion across the country about how...

Fan dies after fall from upper deck at Braves game

...medical personnel treated the man for about 10 minutes, applying CPR. As they worked in a circle around the man, security officers cleared the area. The fan was taken from the seating area on a backboard, and transported to the hospital.Yankees...

Nick Kyrgios taking heat for remarks in Montreal

...a Miami Beach hotel, and a Miami police report stated that he "pointed his finger aggressively toward the hotel security officers and continued to play loud music."Rafter told Australian media after the Miami incident that he felt Tomic had...

Trinity Hospital holds A Night of Remembrance

Dressed in his security officer uniform, Sgt. Anthony Hooker directed traffic Thurs day as he stood at the entrance of Trinity Hos pital.Behind Hooker were...

No class in S.C. incident

...teacher's and the administrator's instructions to leave the classroom, required the presence and action of the school security officer. The student then calls on her classmates to get their cameras out.There is no video of her conduct and responses...


...Anorthosis fans originally seated behind the Apollon bench attacked stadium stewards and clashed with Apollon players.He said the referee called off the match because the stadium's security officer and police couldn't give safety guarantees.

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: RAVE for the female security officer at the Social Security office. She is the most polite person and does an excellent job of helping and maintaining control of the...

Suspect Bryant K. Willerson pleads not guilty in homeless man's death as trial begins

...2012.A day earlier, Melvin Wright Jr. encountered Willerson at the hotel, where Wright worked nights as a security officer. Wright testified that Willerson, who was trespassing on the property, said he was looking for McClain because...