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Library will hold fair to add books for children in the library's collection, it costs the library about $15, which includes the book purchase and placing a security device on the book, she said.The library staff hopes to raise at least $5,000 through the book fair, she said.
Richmond Neighbors
Two home invaders take $3,300 Home Security tips - Install solid core doors, heavy-duty locks and window security devices. - Keep all doors, windows and garages locked at all times. - Use four 3-inch screws to secure heavy-duty-lock...
Facility, group will talk business

...from sources other than Savannah River Site, which used to be the lab's sole client. From robotics and biometric security devices to a brace of joint grant proposals with the Medical College of Georgia focused on technology that would aid treatment...
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Across the area

...Representatives from Lockheed Martin Corp. are scheduled to visit Augusta Regional Airport on Monday to assess it for new security devices. The company is under contract by the Transportation Security Administration to help install bomb detection devices...
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Meetings mark start of Salt Lake's Olympic moment

...weapons patrol entrances to Olympic sites, including the Main Media Center at the Salt Palace. State-of-the-art security devices, such as face scanners, are being set up at some sports arenas to check the crowds. Rogge and other Olympic officials...
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Government to improve disabled access to technology

...language, they are frequently omitted by designers. Some technology is exempt, including old Web pages or national security devices. The regulations, which apply to government purchases after Thursday, are designed to help the disabled inside...
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State aims to secure rest areas

...members will visit the Georgia Visitors Center in Augusta to see how bright lights and special designs are used as security devices. Mr. Condon said he wants to see how Georgia and North Carolina address security at their rest areas. South Carolina...
Laptops a favorite with thieves

...anybody will buy a stolen laptop." Stung by the trend, companies and users are arming themselves with a host of new security devices, from alarm bells to encryption programs that protect data that can be more valuable than the machine itself. Still...
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Police to fine for calls

...also get a break in the event of natural disturbances such as bad weather, which has been blamed for setting off security devices with alarming frequency. Not everyone has been happy about the sheriff's decision. Spokesman Lt. Michael Frank...
College yanks anti-hacker site

...Pittsburgh students who help him thought at first the disappearance was the work of hackers, who enjoy cracking computer security devices, usually for the mere satisfaction of proving their savvy. A university administrator later notified them that...
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