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Commander says war's target would be Saddam's pillars of power

...sophisticated communications in the military. The plane is essentially an airborne command post, giving Franks not only secure telephone lines to his headquarters, his Gulf commanders and the Pentagon, but also a large video screen that depicts every...
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State will try Web ballots next election

...Personal computers with on-screen ballots would be installed in voting booths connected via a state-operated secure telephone network to transmit results instantly. If the test is successful, proponents hope to eventually work out the bugs...
Fort develops high-tech tools

...desert to set up the MSE network. Once everything is in place, commanders are wired to the world, able to talk via secure telephone with battle planners. The MSE network also permits computer and data transmissions, as easily as a home modem but...
Tax tip: Free e-filing of federal tax forms is available this year

...returns will be sent electronically from the Alliance member to the IRS through IRS's existing e-file system using secure telephone lines. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt or rejection of their return via an e-mail from the Alliance...