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Thirty-seven states improve seat belt use

WASHINGTON - Seat belt use rates increased in 37 states this year, a fact that federal highway safety officials attribute to increased awareness and police enforcement.
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Strong seat belt laws save lives

...a seat belt. Safety belts provide the greatest protection against ejection. The belt use rate in states with secondary seat belt laws is 62 percent compared to 79 percent for the 16 states with primary enforcement laws. For several years, there...
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County's highway deaths decline stop and ticket drivers for not wearing the restraint device. South Carolina continues to operate under the secondary seat belt law, which says police can ticket drivers for seat belt violations only after stopping them for another offense...
Experiment could mean safer driving conditions

...all the time." The coroner consistently has criticized the interstate speed limit increase and the state's secondary seat belt law that allows an officer to ticket an unrestrained motorist only after a traffic stop. Greg Rickabaugh can be reached...