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Microsoft technology to allow PC, e-mail search, too

...designed to allow people to scour their e-mails, personal computers and even hefty databases for information. The search system will give consumers "an end-to-end system for searching across any data type," Yusuf Mehdi, head of Microsoft's...
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Computer bank helps descendants find Civil War relatives

...four GalyeansGalyens from North Carolina, the Soldier Search System computer turned up Pvt. William H. Galyean of Surry...They've got to be," Galyen said. The Soldier Search System resides in a rather ordinary-looking computer in a...
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AltaVista search engine re-designed interview. "We are offering an all-new user experience." Aimed at veteran Web surfers, AltaVista's new search system indexes more sites and its own pages are designed to hold 40 percent more advertising, Schrock said.
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Gulp! Government may be looking for you! the added job of helping companies which closed pension plans and couldn't locate former employees. A new search system that brought the Internet into the effort was started in late 1996. When the effort started, there were fewer than...
Police arrest Florida sex offender

...deputies, Mr. Couey gave the 900 block of Hull Street in Savannah as his home address. A government property records search system does not show the address as a valid location within Savannah or Chatham County. The same handout shows that Mr...
Cash OK'd for weather preparations

...public education campaign, an aviation and satellite search system and a volunteer spotter enhancement program. The transmitters...testing program, $570,000. -- Aviation and satellite search system, $500,000. -- Integrated decision support system...