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State is doing better job online

...blocks on other agency Web sites. For example, the State Ethics Commission site was found to have "exemplary" search engine technology to find state officials' financial disclosure reports. On the other hand, reports on inspections of hospitals...
'The Search': A book that googles Google

...some anecdotes that seem difficult to fathom now. Like when Page and Brin initially once tried to sell their search engine technology - then called BackRub - but couldn't find anyone willing to pay their $1.6 million asking price. Not long...
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Yahoo's legacy: Profits possible on Internet engine advertising pioneer Overture Services for $1.7 billion. February 2004 - Yahoo unveils its own search engine technology, ending its partnership with Google. May 2004 - Yahoo splits its stock for a fourth time. Shares close at...
Entry points to the Internet proliferate, specialize

...debut this summer, comes from Dell Computer and Fast Search and Transfer, a Norwegian company that develops search engine technology. Their portal will search virtually the entire Web in response to every request. Most existing search engines...
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