Actor has fun making rounds on NBC's hospital comedy 'Scrubs'

...NEW YORK -- There are many ways that "Scrubs" mirrors the healing profession. This...experience it lying down. Finally: "Scrubs," though very funny, has its dramatic...Dorian, a callow intern and the hero of "Scrubs," addressing viewers in an early episode...

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'Scrubs' is just what the doctor ordered

PASADENA, Calif. - NBC's "Scrubs" is the best new comedy of the fall television...track. Even without the canned yuks, "Scrubs" will earn plenty of laughs from viewers...Jenkins, "Homefront"). What sets "Scrubs" apart from so many other comedies...

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NBC's 'Scrubs' getting sillier and sillier

PASADENA, Calif. - His colleagues at "Scrubs" wouldn't let Zach Braff get a big head after the success of his movie, "Garden State...said. "Thank you, NBC. It made us laugh." On the Net: http://www.nbc.com/Scrubs/


...pictures of back to school activities, the next I'm in full scrubs and documenting a full on surgery. And when the location...Curtis Baptist Church. Me in Ushuaia, Argentina. Me in full scrubs in an OR. This morning at University Hospital, I joined the...

Michael J. Fox scrubs up for series TV return

...physician in two episodes of the NBC sitcom "Scrubs" beginning this week. He's reunited...if he came back to TV and it wasn't 'Scrubs,' I'd kill myself," said Lawrence...thinking about series work, he asked if "Scrubs" would be interested in having him...

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...in the best new show of the season: "Scrubs." Yes, in my fall preview story...about college freshmen, squeaked by "Scrubs," a quirky NBC show about the nutty...shows and can say, unequivocally, that "Scrubs" is more than just laugh-out-loud...

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...will appear in two episodes of NBC's "Scrubs" next month as a doctor who suffers from...Bill Lawrence, executive producer of "Scrubs" and creator of Fox's last series...news the show had been picked up." "Scrubs" airs Thursday nights. On the Net...

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...HAPPENING HANDS: What's almost as good as a manicure? Hand scrubs. This new product will make your hands super-soft, giving them that "just manicured" glow. Similar to face scrubs, they have a rough texture intended to slough off dead skin...

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...000 copies sold.) HOT POP SINGLE: No Scrubs, TLC. TOP POP ALBUM: I Am ..., NAS. HOT R&B SINGLE: No Scrubs, TLC. TOP R&B ALBUM: I Am...Various Artists. Hot 100: Top 20 1. No Scrubs, TLC. LaFace. 2. Believe, Cher...

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...copies sold.): HOT POP SINGLE: No Scrubs, TLC. TOP POP ALBUM: ... Baby One...Britney Spears. HOT R&B SINGLE: No Scrubs, TLC. TOP R&B ALBUM: Fanmail, TLC...VIDEO: Mulan. Hot 100: Top 20 1. No Scrubs, TLC. LaFace. 2. Believe, Cher...