Book explains why Halloween attractions make us "Scream"

...and just in time for Halloween, she's written a book called Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear.The book documents...being really excited and happy," she said.Her quest for the Scream book took her on "many, many adventures across the world...

Witness at Oscar Pistorius trial recalls hearing screams

...testimony focused on whether the screams that Burger said she heard...up by a woman's petrified screams. I heard her screaming first...heard the woman's petrified screams again."Burger said she then...could clearly hear a woman scream but Mr. Pistorius could not...

What Is It?

...is something I wish I could describe. I believe one would have to speak Italian to properly convey the raw, yet melodic, scream of that engine."The 250 GTO also recorded the highest price paid for an automobile, on several different occasions. The...

Overcoming fears, experiencing adrenaline rush make haunted houses attractive

...Friday with his two grandsons on either side. Despite the screams coming from within the rustic church that acts as the attraction's...with attention to detail that has the potential to turn some screams into laughter. "When you get scared in a bad way, say you're...

Halloween mask bandit robs Augusta store

...around midnight Thursday for an armed robbery of the business. A clerk told police a man in a Ghostface mask from the movie Scream came into the store with a handgun and demanded cash. After receiving money the masked man ran from the store.Police K-9s...

Convenience store robbery latest in string

...according to the incident report. One man was wearing a brown mask and the other had a mask similar to the one worn in the movie Scream.This is the second recent armed robbery where a victim described the Ghostface mask from the horror movie series. On Thursday...

Bulldogs hang heads, but try to stay positive after third loss of season

...finishes its final four games. And no matter the size of the wall, or how careful the players and coaches are with their words, the disappointment of at least a three-loss season will scream louder than anything that is or isn't said.

SC man shot while making 911 call

...Stewart is heard checking on his friend Bill Isaacs. Stewart tells the operator that Isaacs has been shot, then suddenly screams as another shot is heard, yelling "He shot me too!"Sheriff Rick Clark says a detective was talking to Isaacs less than...

Swamped streets, thousands without running water; death toll at 12

...managed to climb on top of the sedan, which stalled in the rushing water. A firefighter rescued her after someone heard her screams."She came out the window. How she got on top of the car and stayed there like she did with that water ? there's a good...

Dogs' coordinator gets a shot at Spurrier, Gamecocks

...instructions when needed."That's what coach Spurrier did too, back in the day," Richt said. "He still, I think, screams out and tells his guys what to do half the time. So Schotty grew up in that environment at Florida."Doering said Schotten...