Democratic candidate for governor stresses innovation during Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School tour

...projects and clubs. The senator was particularly interested in two battery powered vehicles built by school students from scrap metal, saying it represented a creative way for educators to "make school work relevant to students ... and help their...

Kegs worth more as scrap metal

The beer industry says high scrap metal prices might be fueling a nationwide...further deterrent to small-time scrap metal thieves. Newell Recycling LLC, another major scrap metal company with yards in Augusta and...

Thieves target old cars for scrap metal and quick cash

...thief.Authorities say rising scrap metal prices are driving thefts of cars...will get arrested," he said.Scrap metal prices have been rising steadily...in Chicago."Price of obsolete scrap metal is above $400 per gross ton in...

Woman reports scrap metal theft

A 35-year-old woman told police that someone stole $300 worth of scrap metal she planned to sell at a local scrap yard sometime between Saturday and Sunday.The victim, who lives on Bath Patterson Road...

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Burglar makes off with scrap metal at shop

More than $16,000 worth of scrap metal and merchandise was stolen from Cook's Machine Shop in Augusta on Thursday night, according to a report from the Richmond County...

Last Fort Discovery exhibit torn down for scrap metal

The 72-foot structure that stood for almost 15 years as a monument to science education became a pile of scrap metal Tuesday.A demolition crew began taking down the towering red "torsional wave," which stood off Reynolds Street at the gateway...

Metal shredder buys Augusta-area recycling operations

...operates one of the nation's largest scrap metal shredders has acquired a local businessman's scrap metal yards and auto salvage operations...Newell, which has purchased scrap metal from Mr. Craven's operations...

Area briefs: Funds to clean scrap yard OK'd

A contaminated scrap-metal yard whose owner went bankrupt last year will be evaluated for potential...10.8-acre Goldberg Brothers property, used for decades as a scrap-metal yard before the owner closed the company and filed bankruptcy last...

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Hyde Park residents urging scrap yard to clean up

...residents living near south Augusta's Goldberg Brothers scrap metal yard want the company to clean up its act. But the president...Augusta Commission on Monday to discuss the problems. Scrap metal and tractor trailers on both sides of the street create...

Tritium container found

...normally used to ship radioactive tritium ended up in a scrap metal recycler's landfill near Columbia. The 3-foot-tall...Although the recycler routinely participates in the site's scrap metal program, no one has determined how the empty container...

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