Petition urges new trial for Scott Dean

Scott Dean's campaign for a new trial has gained momentum, supporters say, with overwhelming public support and a new attorney.More...

Rants & Raves

...can't figure out why the general budget checkbook stays out of balance. Ask the repo man who tows away their cars. SCOTT DEAN'S still in jail. Can we please move on? It is obvious neither Ashley Wright nor Jim Blanchard is going to change...

Fight for Scott Dean

I've followed the Scott Dean travesty since the beginning, and I am stunned to see this innocent...district attorneys involved not see the injustice being done to Scott Dean and his family?Come on! Somehow, we need to get this miscarriage...

Rants & Raves

...idea that they have done it. A GIRL I KNOW WAS caught last year with meth in her pocketbook and is already out, but Scott Dean can't get out. It's not fair. I LEFT SEVERAL messages for a nurse to call me back. When no one called me back...

Scott Dean's habeas corpus petition denied

...phone rang early Thursday, she knew something was wrong.It was her husband, former Columbia County Com mis sioner Scott Dean, telling her that his writ of habeas corpus was denied by a south Geor gia judge."He was devastated," Renee Dean...

Rants & Raves

...victim, No problems! LAST OCTOBER JUDGE Blanchard denied Scott Dean's request for a new trial, in spite of the fact that...if (she) was charged for perjury. So why then, is Scott Dean still in prison? (Why) has Silda not be charged...

Morris retains Columbia County district 4 seat

...for the seat in 2011, also against Thomas, in a special election to fill the remaining term of former Commissioner Scott Dean.Morris said he'll head into his second term with open ears, ready to listen to the priorities of his constituents...

Scott Dean's new trial denied

...on Thursday denied a new trial for Scott Dean.The former Columbia County Commission...mailed to her adoptive mother and to Scott Dean's attorney, Pete Theodocion...Blanchard cited two reasons in denying Scott Dean a new trial. The first is that the...

Scott Dean must be freed

...fact that an innocent man is still in jail! That man is Anthony Scott Dean.I am not sure whom he upset in Columbia County, but by them...them to be able to live a normal life until they come clean and Scott Dean is set free.

Scott Dean's daughter recants sex allegation on witness stand

Scott Dean's 19-year-old adopted daughter declared Friday during a court hearing...The fact that this information would just be held down is astounding," Scott Dean's attorney, Pete Theodocion said.In January, Silda Dean told Renee...