Jury to get home invasion case Friday

...The young mother picked Samuel's photo out of a lineup and identified him in court as one of her attackers.A forensic scientist with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation testified Thursday that male DNA was present on swabs from the victim's rape kit...

Exxon sees abundant oil, gas far into future

...biomass will account for 8 percent each, and hydroelectric power will account for 3 percent.Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist and director of Penn State's Earth System Science Center, notes that many experts dispute Exxon's conclusion on renewables...

Mysterious movement of whitetail bucks is studied

...live in a secret, hidden world that becomes even more perplexing as they grow older.A new study by an Auburn University scientist, however, is shedding new light on buck behavior ? especially during the hunting season when hunting pressure can affect...

Augusta ranked lowest among Georgia cities for treatment of LGBT community

...enforcement's relationship with the community and city leadership's public position on equality.Chris Bannochie, a fellow scientist at Savannah River National Laboratory and a Georgia Equality board member, called the ranking "pathetically low" and detrimental...

Rants & Raves

...can marry anything or anybody, someone should call the man and let him marry his horse. I THINK 4.1 million immigrants not to be deported equals 4.1 million new Democrats. Does not take a rocket scientist to see the motive here.

Internal investigation finds CDC scientist was mum for a month about flu virus accident in lab

NEW YORK - A government scientist kept silent about a potentially dangerous...and Prevention in Atlanta. A lab scientist accidently mixed a deadly strain of...she said she could not name the lab scientist or the leader of the scientist's...

Pizza Hut's revamp: Curry crusts, balsamic drizzle

NEW YORK - Pizza Hut is letting customers play mad scientist, giving them the freedom to make pies with honey Sriracha sauce or add curry flavor to the crusts.The reworked menu is one of...

Savannah River Ecology Lab scientists track gray wolves at Chernobyl site

...The Soviet government evacuated 335,000 people.In October, Beasley traveled with Stacey Lance, an associate research scientist at SREL, and other researchers to Belarus. The team explored an area in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone where extensive wildlife...

Scientist questions report ranking Savannah River third most toxic in America

...scientific calculations for water pollution, an Augusta research scientist said."We always gauge these things based on concentration," said Oscar Flite, a senior scientist at the Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy who examines the Savannah's...

Tech entrepreneur speaks at GRU Innovation Summit

...different things," he said. "If you happen to be a student in Augusta, you'd see (a) GRU (logo). If you happen to be a scientist in Aiken, you'd see SRNL (Savannah River National Laboratory)."Brown and his three business partners, one of whom...