Crawford Long invented anesthesia, and that's no bunk

...Long isn't the only person to get shortchanged by the history books, either.For example, Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist who designed alternating current and did much to perfect radio, as did Jagadish Chandra Bose, but Guglielmo Marconi has...

Flowing water means life on Mars possible, scientists say

...is to send humans there in the 2030s.Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA's Mars exploration program, said the only way...Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona at Tucson, a scientist on the project, said he believes the possibility of life...

Common sense bombs out

...Southern California professor called Ahmed's device a "fraud.""He did not make a clock," Thomas Talbot, a research scientist at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, told the Daily Caller. "He simply took something out of the casing...

Themes permeated candidates' forum

...focus on substance and policy solely, not in reference or regard to Trump. It was difficult even for a trained political scientist to learn much about the candidates based on the debates. What a pity.Nevertheless, we did learn quite a lot about the...

North Korea warns it has restarted all nuclear bomb fuel plants

...earlier this year showed signs it still wasn't operating fully. A uranium enrichment facility unveiled to a visiting American scientist in 2010 presumably gives North Korea a second way to make fissile material for bombs.On Monday, the North's aerospace...

Newest collars monitor pets for pain, irregularities

...to recharge ? time when Jack does not have the collar on, Herring said.PetPace did not put GPS on its smart collar in part to save on battery power, said Dr. Asaf Dagan, PetPace's chief veterinary scientist and co-founder.

Internal investigation finds CDC scientist was mum for a month about flu virus accident in lab

NEW YORK - A government scientist kept silent about a potentially dangerous...and Prevention in Atlanta. A lab scientist accidently mixed a deadly strain of...she said she could not name the lab scientist or the leader of the scientist's...

July was Earth's hottest month on record

...Earth is warming," said NOAA climate scientist Jake Crouch. "The warming is accelerating...which are slow to cool ? NOAA climate scientist Jessica Blunden said she is "99 percent...said University of Georgia climate scientist Marshall Shepherd."The records are...

No easy formula for best time to book airline tickets

...as futile as trying to time the stock market."There isn't a golden rule anymore," says Patrick Scurry, chief data scientist for Hopper, a travel-information firm that archives ticket prices. "There are these 'average' rules, but they're...

Phinizy Center for Water Sciences studying impact of Savannah River water flow through its insects and fish

...appropriate water releases from Thurmond Dam during droughts to protect the river's ecology.Oscar Flite, CEO and senior scientist at Phinizy Center, said there's a delicate balance to maintaining proper amounts of water in the lake and river."We...