Prader-Willi syndrome brings challenges for Evans family

...question." PRADER-WILLI SYNDROME was discovered in 1956 by a team of Swiss researchers, but it wasn't until 1981 that scientists understood the cause ? errors on the chromosome 15 segment that happen for unknown reasons at conception.To date, only...

Lawn-care basics: how much to cut, irrigate, fertilize

...developing a healthy stand of turf is using the right plant in the right place at the right time," said Mark Schmidt, principal scientist at John Deere.Consider climate when choosing seed mixtures. Yarrow is a good drought plant. Rye grass does well in rain...

40 percent of honey bees dying

...Delaplane and vanEngelsdorp said a combination of mites, poor nutrition and pesticides are to blame for the bee deaths. USDA bee scientist Jeff Pettis said last summer's large die-off included unusual queen loss and seemed worse in colonies that moved more...

Billie Williams

...the Athletic Department. After graduation he worked for Hunt-Wesson Foods in Savannah. Billie was part of the team of scientists that developed the first margarine available to the baking industry. Later Hunt's transferred him to South Port Paints...

A skewed study?

...The second "independent" MOX program study is expected to be released in September. Don't expect to be shocked by its revelations. You don't exactly need to be a nuclear scientist to know what it's going to say.

Cost estimate for MOX facility at Savannah River Site swells to $47.5 billion

...345 million in fiscal year 2015, and the same amount was proposed for 2016.Ed Lyman, senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists and a critic of the MOX program, said the NNSA has no reason to withhold the report from the public...

2015 Summer Camps Guide: DAY CAMPS

...Destination, grades 1-4; Young Writers, grades 5-8; Mad Scientists Need Apply, grades 6-8; afternoon session: 1-4:30...Nature Navigators, grades 1-3; Acting Up, grades 4-7; Scientists Wanted, grades 1-4; PacerFit Kids, grades 6-8? July...

Global warming to push some species into extinction

...irreversible decline, he said.Urban's figures are probably underestimating the real rate of species loss a little, said scientists not affiliated with the research. That's because Urban only looks at temperature, not other factors like fire or interaction...

Coyote-tracking study is working well so far

...the 80 animals in the study. Two were hit by vehicles, one was shot and one died from causes unknown.In those cases, scientists will locate and recover the GPS collars so they can be re-deployed on another animal.The three-year study includes plans...

Hormel says bird flu outbreak will hurt turkey sales

...or are company-owned. All but one of those are in Minnesota.The virus has been found in turkey flocks in six states. Scientists believe domestic poultry are getting the virus from wild migratory waterfowl, although security measures at farms are supposed...