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Being out in nature is good for you

...experiences like hiking may have health benefits beyond mere exercise. Frumkin also cites the "biophilia" theory of scientist-author Edward Wilson, who says that humans are attracted to other living things and that contact with the natural world...
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'Science Guy' becomes Bill Nye the educator

ITHACA, N.Y. - Bill Nye is many things: comedian, scientist, author, inventor, TV personality. But ask the lanky, bow-tied Nye how he sees himself, and he picks another description. "I'm...
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Church deacon followed winding journey of faith

...beheading of John the Baptist. "I think I am able to see irony as part of God's greater plan," he said. A scientist, author, physician and former agnostic, Dr. Plowman is heading the adult-education ministry at the Catholic Church...
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Insists evolution, Bible incompatible

...either evolution or creationism. It's all a question of personal faith. ... Even Isaac Asimov, a well-known scientist, author and atheist, said that while he couldn't prove God exists, he suspected that He didn't. I personally believe...