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...This is the time of year we are often reminded that it's better to give than to receive. Actually, there's a reason. Scientific studies have shown that more people enjoy giving than getting. Monday, Dec. 14, 2015 Regency Mall opened as the largest...

Kon-Tiki 2 will sample trash levels in the Pacific

...Mauritzen said. "This is microplastics, the plastic that is absorbed into the smallest of marine life."Mauritzen said the scientific community is still trying to get an understanding of what microplastics are doing to our oceans and to their ecosystems...

Court rules for Scientific-Atlanta in set-top box suit

...A federal judge ruled Friday that Scientific-Atlanta did not infringe on two the...over cable television set-top boxes. Scientific-Atlanta won a summary judgment against...the International Trade Commission, Scientific-Atlanta officials said. The U.S...

Boston Scientific stent regains market share

BOSTON -- Boston Scientific Corp. on Wednesday said sales of...sales in July and August. Boston Scientific also said federal regulators told...Wall Street's estimate. Boston Scientific said its Taxus stent had regained...

Supreme Court judge advises use of neutral experts in scientific cases

...to help them sort through contentious scientific evidence, but he cautioned against...by cases hinging on highly technical scientific issues and sometimes clouded by dubious...too much of his comments on outside scientific help. "That isn't a cure-all...

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Defends teaching of scientific theories

...June 14 letter, laments that scientific theories are taught in school...does not understand that, in scientific terms, "theory" does not mean...as it does in everyday usage. Scientific theories are explanations of natural...

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Web is site of first online scientific conference

...believe is the first full-scale scientific conference to be held exclusively on the World Wide Web. Unlike most scientific conferences, everyone is invited...which to his knowledge is the first scientific conference to be held entirely...

North Korea claims it launched scientific satellite into orbit

...satellite, which it described as "scientific." U.S. officials say North Korea...fuss" over the North's launch of a "scientific satellite." "Some people ... are...said it would "contribute to promoting scientific research for peaceful use of outer space...

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Osbon teams up with Harvard Scientific for new treatment

...Systems has announced a joint venture with Las Vegas-based Harvard Scientific to develop and distribute a new treatment for impotence. Osbon will partner with Harvard Scientific, a pharmaceutical company working on the use of the drug prostoglandin...

Scientific paper highlights program to reduce bird strikes near Augusta airport

...that helped reduce bird strike hazards near Augusta Regional Airport could prove useful in other areas, according to a new scientific paper.Savannah River Ecology Lab began monitoring bird traffic at the city's constructed wetlands in 2001 after the Federal...