My mother prescribed aspirin for whatever ailed her children

...drug for which new uses are being discovered all the time. When I was a boy, though, my mother didn't have a library of scientific studies on which to base her medical decisions. And she didn't let our childish injuries keep us from the important things...

Science, industry economics, patients are boosting research on rare disease drugs - and hope

...point the way toward a new era of innovative therapies and big profits.The investments come as researchers harness recent scientific advances, including the mapping of the human genome, sophisticated and affordable genetic tests and laboratory robots that...

Medical marijuana research presents unique opportunity to regents

...medicine, research by Georgia Regents University is taking a scientific approach to sort through many of the same issues.The Board...vary from batch to batch, making it too imprecise from a scientific standpoint.GRU is getting its medication from GW Pharmaceuticals...

Ga. Senate committee passes medical marijuana bill

...committee members debated the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, needed to be effective, citing often contradictory scientific studies.The Senate committee substitute, like Peake's, settled on a level of 5 percent THC. Unterman pledged to set...

GRU found in violation of Animal Welfare Act

...use of animals in biomedical research.""GRU will continue to pursue the highest standards of animal care in medical and scientific research that is lessening the burden of disease on society and improving patient lives," the statement said.

Charles Li wins spelling bee for second year in a row

After 47 rounds of spelling obscure English, foreign and scientific terms, Stallings Island Middle School pupil Charles Li won the Scripps National Regional Spelling Bee for the second year in a...

Georgia Senate OKs medical marijuana bill, House backs earlier restaurant alcohol sales on Sundays

...and are headed to the opposite chamber for review: MEDICAL MARIJUANA: The Senate passed a bill that sets up a five-year scientific study of cannabis oil involving only those younger than 21 with seizure disorders, and a key senator promised to meld it...

Democratic republics need religion -- especially the United States

...a war against religion even in the private realm? RELIGION HAS GIVEN the world so many good things. For instance, many scientific advances have been made by early Islamic thinkers ? perhaps something unknown to many in the United States ? and of course...

State board should re-evaluate Georgia Regents University's goals

...beyond that of their peers from other parts of the country who seemed to have been trained more in the esoteric and theory of scientific medicine over patient care.All reported during residency training of becoming the "physician's physician" ? the ultimate...

Don't catch a cold, drop it!

...healthful food and drink plenty of liquids.Besides, The New York Times concluded in a 2007 article that there "is little scientific evidence behind the notion of starving a cold and feeding a fever, or vice versa." PRESIDENTS DAY: The Boy hood Home of...