Christian love has no place for domination and violence

...ourselves with the most. "Love" has taken a brutal battering in this society and, tragically, the very people who bear the scars for it just can't seem to get enough.Perhaps this is a teachable moment that the Church must not ignore. The love at the...

Disturbing the peace

...menace him with a Taser. A report said the only visible marks on the child were handcuff marks on his wrists, but the lasting scars will be emotional ones.Consider the lasting impact such an incident would have on a neighborhood child unfortunate enough...

Chlorine spill left lingering health effects

...liquid chlorine seeped out of a wrecked tanker car and spread across the ground, nine people would die. Others bear lingering scars that likely still affect their health.Ten years after the Jan., 6, 2005, train derailment, the effect on the lungs and...

Scar-free surgery? Doctors study operating through body's own openings

...cutting open his face, leaving an ugly scar and hindering his facial growth as he matured...recovery with less pain and no visible scars. And in the brain, it can avoid a need...Marescaux said the procedure left no abdominal scar. Meanwhile, surgeons have shown increasing...

Life & style
Orange Bowl: Hokies' Harris carries his scars with pride

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Victor "Macho" Harris still has the scars. Some visible, some not. The star Virginia Tech cornerback pulls up his right sleeve, revealing skin that will never fully...

Shades of 'Selma': Georgia still fighting battles for religious liberty

...King, the march in Selma and other civil rights issues. I marveled at his firsthand accounts as I looked at the literal scars on his head from the blows he took during that era.That made it all the more meaningful when I was at the State Capitol in...

Michaux: Golf now rampant with cynicism

...Waikiki wine bar and was thrown in the trunk of a car, dumped at a park and robbed of his wallet and cellphone. He has the scars (and police have footage of someone using his credit card at an ATM) to prove it. It's a horrifying tale but perfectly...

Kurt Busch again testifies in assault

...wounds after he said he didn't believe her.A behind-the-scenes tour of Fort Bragg and Driscoll's claim that a long belly scar was from a stab wound suffered during a mission seemed to bolster Busch's be lief that she was a hired killer, according to...

Broncos' Moore ready to leave blunder behind

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - The physical scar serves as Rahim Moore's motivation. So, too, the emotional...returned to the practice field this spring, sporting a 13-inch scar that serpentines down his left calf, he cried.Moore doesn't...

Copenhaver served as mayor for nine years without controversy

...Augusta's longest-serving mayor, Deke Copenhaver makes a point of saying he leaves office Wednesday with few political scars because of his ability to avoid controversy.To his supporters, that ability was his greatest strength as the city's top...