McBean man's care brings zebras back to health

...zebras Izzy and Ziggy gnawing on carrots and galloping across a field, you would never imagine their past.Izzy has a small scar on her nose, but it's one of the few physical signs of her rough beginnings.Jeb Boggus had considered getting a zebra to...

Loss to South Carolina in 2014 still stings for Georgia

...on what created it.Like a scar.Georgia has some especially nasty scars from some equally painful losses...them without points and another scar.South Carolina lost six games...thinking it will create another scar."I've never liked losing...

Fort Gordon pays tribute to POWs, MIA troops

...During the ceremony, wreaths were placed around the fort's POW/MIA memorial while the POW/MIA flag flew above."Freedom isn't free," Williams said. "Some of us paid with our lives and some of us still have (the scars)."

Scar-free surgery? Doctors study operating through body's own openings

...cutting open his face, leaving an ugly scar and hindering his facial growth as he matured...recovery with less pain and no visible scars. And in the brain, it can avoid a need...Marescaux said the procedure left no abdominal scar. Meanwhile, surgeons have shown increasing...

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Orange Bowl: Hokies' Harris carries his scars with pride

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Victor "Macho" Harris still has the scars. Some visible, some not. The star Virginia Tech cornerback pulls up his right sleeve, revealing skin that will never fully...

Self-belief has been the difference for Jason Day

...time, frustration gave way to a sense of peace."All those major championships I lost, it was built-up scar tissue," Day said. "Scar tissue can be bad. But it can also heal and be good for you. No matter what happened that whole week, I...

In a wreck, memory can also suffer injury

...bystander. I don't remember.At the hospital, they sewed up cuts around my eyes with coarse black suture. Today, the scars remind me of that crash, but none of my personal accounts would stand up in court; amnesia takes their sting from me.Does...

Veterans court provides former military a second chance

...America's military forces a second chance.With more men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with mental and physical scars, courts exclusively for veterans are becoming popular nationally, and Augusta is on the front line of that trend.Often referred...

Keep pets away from wildlife in summer

...The rodent died in the recent run-in with Kimberlee Jaynes' pet Skip, but the Shar Pei and golden Labrador mix got a long scar on his face and was lucky not to lose an eye."Skip has a vendetta now," said Jaynes, of Portland, Ore. "When he sees...

Guilty verdict in brutal assault

...on a woman a year ago today.On the anniversary of perhaps the most horrible day of her life, the woman who still bears the scars from being dosed with gasoline and set on fire saw justice done to the man who assaulted her.Jones, 31, had tried to convince...